Linus was Betty's boyfriend, whom she met in rehab.


Meeting BettyEdit

Linus was in rehab with Betty. They got close enough that Betty mentioned him to Amelia when she visited. ("Girlfriend in a Coma")

Overdose and DeathEdit

Linus and Betty came to the hospital by ambulance after overdosing on laced pills in the park. They were stable, so they were moved to the clinic. Once she was aware of where they were, Betty asked Linus to get their clothes so they could leave before Amelia saw her there. However, before they could leave, she started having chest pain and was moved to the main hospital. Linus worried about her and didn't want to leave her, but Link said he needed fluids because he was dehydrated. At some point after getting the IV, Linus went in search of drugs and injected himself with something that killed him. ("I Want a New Drug")



He became romantically involved with Betty while they were in rehab together. She confided in him that she worried that when people learned her drug dealer had gotten her pregnant at fifteen that no one would love her and he promised to love her forever. ("I Want a New Drug")

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He had no lines in his first appearance.




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