Lisa Campbell was a patient at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital who was injured when she fell down a garbage chute.



Lisa attended a party thrown by her secret boyfriend Ted because she thought it would look weird if she didn't attend. Ted ignored her all night, which was typical for them as he didn't want his wife finding out about them. But just as she went to leave, he stopped her to ask her to take out the trash. She did so, but as she tossed the trash bag down the chute, she accidentally threw her purse down with it, so she climbed in after it.


When the paramedics brought her in, she told the doctors she'd been stuck in the chute for two days. When the doctors asked why she was in the chute, the paramedics suggested that she was foraging for food, but she said that she wasn't foraging. She's not homeless; she doesn't forage. And she told them the story of how she ended up in the chute. Her leg was degloved and the wound had to be cleaned before she could be taken to the OR to reglove it. The surgery was successful and they set up a wound vacuum to help her heal.

While she was in the hospital, she received flowers, which were from her mother, though she thought that Ted had sent them. When she displayed an inability to breakup with Ted herself, her friend, Pam, did it for her, telling him that he would send her flowers and then never, ever speak to her again.




Lisa dated the married head of the Sociology department, Ted. He was known to ignore her in public to hide their relationship from his wife.



When she was hospitalized, her mother sent her flowers, which she wrongly assumed had been sent by Ted.



Pam came to visit her in the hospital when she was injured. When it became clear to her that Lisa wouldn’t be able to break up with Ted on her own, Pam called him and dumped him for her.


She is a sociology professor with a Ph.D..

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • According to her, Ted kisses like a turtle butt.
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