Liz McKee is a nurse at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.


Flirting with BenEdit

Ben flirted with her in order to get her not to schedule him on Tuesdays so he could play golf. ("Shiny Happy People")

Henry CollapsingEdit

When Henry Burton collapsed while jogging, Liz told Teddy about it, without knowing that Henry was her husband. ("This is How We Do It")

Raul ArandaEdit

When Raul Aranda came into the ER coughing up blood, Liz was the nurse who helped with his bronchoscopy, where they found a tree growing in his lung. ("I Will Survive")


After a sinkhole opened up in the middle of the road, Liz informed April when three more patients were coming in. ("Free Falling")

Delivering a MessageEdit

When admin called and it sounded important, Liz notified Owen, who had recently been named the new Chief. ("What is It About Men")

Robert AndersonEdit

When Robert Anderson coded in his room, Liz tried to remove his daughter, Lily. ("Suddenly")

Cristina's Gift BasketEdit

When Cristina received a gift backset from a hospital that was trying to woo her, Teddy looked at the card and Liz told her it wasn't her basket so she shouldn't be looking at it. ("The Girl with No Name")

Paul DawsonEdit

When Paul Dawson went into cardiac arrest in his room, Liz jumped in to start resuscitation. ("Can't Fight This Feeling")

Mr. SamuelsEdit

When Mr. Samuels was injured after sticking his penis into a hornets nest, Liz was one of his nurses. Despite his wife's insistence that there was more to him than just that, Liz didn't believe that was possible. ("I Bet It Stung")


Ben Warren stated that she is mean.



Ben WarrenEdit

Ben Warren flirted with her in order to get her not to schedule him on Tuesdays because that's when he plays golf. As part of flirting with her, he gave her the nickname Cheeky.


Her parents couldn't agree on a middle name when she was born, so she doesn't have one.


She is a nurse at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Liz was credited as Pretty Nurse, E.R. Nurse, Bronchoscopy Nurse, Nurse, Nurse #2 and Desk Nurse.




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