Logan is one of Lexie's interns at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.


First Day of InternshipEdit

On his first day of internship, he was given the usual intern speech by his resident, Lexie Grey. He was the intern to ask if they were going into an OR today.

Later that day, one of Logan's patient started crashing. He started panicking but luckily Meredith was around to help. She asked for the patient's rhythm and made him check for a pulse and listen to the patient's breath sounds. He doubtfully said the right one sounded less. Not knowing that Meredith was actually fired, he let her take over the care over his patient until Bailey walked by and noticed what Meredith was doing. She took over care and she and Meredith instructed Logan to grab the biggest needle he could find. ("Free Falling")

Ruth BennetEdit

Logan was part of the group of interns who failed to do a physical exam on Ruth Bennet after she complained of stomach pain, missing that she had appendicitis. ("Take the Lead")

Helping AlexEdit

When Morgan had a heart attack and her baby had to be delivered early so she could have heart surgery, Logan took over testing Alex for his boards. ("Have You Seen Me Lately?")


Logan is an intern at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. He is part of Lexie Grey's class of five interns.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Logan has two other male interns in his group and two female ones.




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