Lucas Nash and his brother, Reilly, were hit by a train when Lucas tried to outrun it.


Lucas and his brother, Reilly, were in a car when Lucas tried to outrun a train and they were in an accident. He had a large, gaping wound to his abdomen with debris lodged in it. Jackson worked on the wound in the ER and then Lucas was taken into surgery. His liver had a hemorrhage, which they repaired. They removed large pieces of debris from his abdomen as they tried to stop the bleeding.



According to him, Reilly always forgot everything. Reilly forgetting his saxophone at school was the reason they were running late, because they'd had to return to the school to get it. He was worried about his mother being mad about them being late, which is why he tried to outrun the train.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He was seventeen at the time of the crash.
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