You are not a bride. And I am not the mother of a bride. And this-this isn't your wedding. It isn't right.
Lucia Torres to Callie before her wedding.

Lucia Torres is the mother of Callie Torres.


Lucia came to Seattle with her husband to attend her daughter's wedding to Arizona Robbins. However, she was cold and distant during the wedding planning and rehearsal, even refusing to hold her own granddaughter. When Callie asked her about it, she said that she believed Callie was going to hell for marrying a woman and having a child out of wedlock. She then left and said she wouldn't attend the wedding. While her husband relented and attended the reception, she did not.



She is married to Carlos Torres.


Callie is her daughter with Carlos Torres. It is unknown what kind of relationship they had before Callie came out to her family, but it became clear when she came into town for Callie's wedding that she does not approve of Callie liking women. She also expresses dislike of Sofia having been born out of wedlock. She refused to hold Sofia while she was in town and left before the wedding. While Carlos returned for the reception, she did not.


Lucia is a lawyer. It is unknown what type of law she practices.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She is devoutly Catholic.
  • She says post-divorce wedding rings are bad juju.[1]
  • She believes Callie will not go to heaven because she is married to a woman and had a baby out of wedlock.[2]
  • According to Callie, Lucia's secretary is gay.[3]
  • She has bunions.[4]
  • The veil Callie wore at her wedding was based off the one her Lucia wore to her own wedding.[5]