Lucy is a surgical intern at Seattle Grace Hospital.



On the first day of her internship, she was assigned to Meredith Grey, who took them on a tour of the hospital and used the same new intern speech that Bailey had used for her class to introduce them to the rules, though she went on a tangent in the on-call room, telling them not to sleep with anyone else, especially not attendings.

At the end of the day, all the new interns were in awe of George, who had delivered a baby that day, on what they all thought was his first ever shift as an intern. ("A Change is Gonna Come")

Callie and Izzie's FightEdit

When the rumor spread that Callie and Izzie were going to fight in the hospital cafeteria, the interns, along with several other hospital staffers, gathered to watch it happen. However, Callie hadn't intended to fight and the interns were disappointed, calling it a forfeit on Callie's part. ("The Heart of the Matter")

Tumor TrialEdit

Lucy and Meredith's other interns worked on Meredith and Derek's tumor trial. ("Piece of My Heart")

They later had to organize and collate trial patients. Meredith threatened them with scut if they missed a paper. ("Freedom, Part 1")


Lucy is a surgical intern at Seattle Grace Hospital. She is one of Meredith's interns.




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