Lynn Jarvey is the mother of Evan Dawson.


Lynn showed up at the practice and confronted Cooper, saying she knew he'd treated her son and she believed he knew where he was. She had hired a private investigator and knew that Cooper tracked Evan's insulin pump. Cooper said that he'd said he was abused by his stepfather, but Lynn insisted that that had never happened.

Lynn and Ted came to the grand jury hearing for Cooper. He still refused to tell them where Evan and Frank were. However, because Addison knew he'd sent Charlotte in his place to see Evan, she had the police follow her and they found Frank and Evan. Frank was arrested and Evan was returned to his mother and stepfather.

Evan later came into the ER with stab wounds saying Ted stabbed him. Ted insisted that he hadn't done anything. When Evan was examined, they found that he had intention marks, meaning he'd done it to himself. He admitted that he'd made the whole thing up to try to get his parents back together and then he didn't know how to stop.

Lynn dropped the charges and Frank was released from jail.



Frank DawsonEdit

She was married to Frank Dawson. They had a son together and then divorced.

Ted JarveyEdit

After her divorce from Frank, she married Ted Jarvey.


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