Mabel Tseng is a resident from Pac-North who got hired at GSM after Pac-North closed.



After the staff of Pac-North was informed the hospital was purchased by the Catherine Fox Foundation, Mabel went over to Grey Sloan in order to have an interview to keep her job. ("Save the Last Dance for Me")

Working at Grey SloanEdit

Mabel participated in a skills lab at Grey Sloan. During the lab, she corrected Zander Perez on something and got Richard to back her up, though they both noticed he didn't seem enthused to be working with them. He later sent them all home early. ("A Diagnosis")

Later, Mabel did another skills lab with the other residents, though they didn't take it seriously. That same day, she also rounded on Ava Gutierrez with Richard Webber. ("Snowblind")

Richard's SurgeryEdit

Mabel was among the medical staff in the gallery watching Richard's explantation and hip replacement. ("Put on a Happy Face")


She's a second-year resident. She was working at Pacific Northwest General Hospital. When it was purchased, she came over to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to interview to keep her job. She was hired at Grey Sloan.



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