Maddy Carlson came to the hospital because of a small facial laceration after shooting her father.


Maddy and her mother came into the ER after Maddy shot her father. Her mother had said that her father was using his gun, left it alone, and she got her hands on it and accidentally shot her father. As Arizona was examining her, Maddy's mother had said that the kickback had hit her in the face and that is how she got the cut, despite Arizona saying that's not what it looked like. When Arizona was paged, she handed Maddy off to Meredith. As Meredith was stitching her facial laceration, Maddy asked if her father was going to die. Meredith said she didn't know. Maddy asked how come she didn't know. Then said "I shot him a lot of times. Why he don't die?" It was later revealed she was trying to stop him because she and her mother were being abused by her father. After being yelled at by Meredith for not protecting her child and for keeping Maddy in the home, Maddy's mother decided to leave her husband. When her father was in ICU, her mother took her to say goodbye to her father because it was the last time she was going to see him.



Her father was abusive toward her and her mother, which resulted in Maddy taking a gun and shooting her father several times, trying to kill him. He survived his surgery, but Kate took Maddy and left, saying he wouldn't be in any condition to follow them anytime soon.

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  • She was six at the time of her hospitalization.


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