Malar Pascowitz is a novelist who ate his own novel, believing it was terrible.


Malar was writing a novel and became so frustrated at how horrible he thought it was that he started eating it. His girlfriend, Audrey, said he got more crazed as he ate more and more of it.

Eating his novel caused a bezoar, which the doctors attempted to relieve with the use of laxatives. When that didn't work, they had to go in surgically to remove it. Before his surgery, Malar was sweating heavily and was anxious. They believed it was solely due to his nerves over the surgery.

Because of his strange behavior, Alex asked if he could keep an extra eye on him. Richard declined his request as they were short-staffed. Despite this, after his surgery, Alex examined him and he was even more delirious. Alex did some research and found out Malar had Mercury poisoning.



He is dating Audrey. She says they're not married because they can't get married until Malar's book is finished.


He is a novelist.