Researchers are currently working to make a map of the human brain. It may be the most complex map ever created. Billions of neurons making trillions of connections. At first glance, they seem completely random. But there's nothing random about them. All these connections have to happen in a specific pattern. It is designed for a function. These connections determine everything about us: what we love, what we hate, what we say, what we do. We're just starting to learn the extinct of the brain's connections. How far they reach, how deep they go. But we know that every connection matters. Every connection is crucial and when one is broken, it usually means some damage has been done. This system of connections compels us to act and choose and behave. Sometimes humanly against our own will, but it is not random at all. It is the map of who we are. We work to understand ourselves. Solve the puzzle. How all the connections work, and all the pieces fit.

Map of You is the sixth episode of the tenth season and the 202nd overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short SummaryEdit

Derek and Callie work on a brain mapping project. Richard encourages the interns to use his physical condition as a learning tool and after a discussion with Callie, Meredith considers continuing her mother’s research. Meanwhile, Shane continues to feel guilty about Heather’s death.

Full SummaryEdit

Derek's voiceover talks about brain mapping. At the dreamhouse, Meredith and Derek are getting ready for their day. Derek’s voiceover talks about the interactions in your brain being random as he watches Zola scribble. He takes a crayon and sketches his own drawing.

At the hospital, Callie and Derek take out the new equipment and check it out. Derek's voiceover talks about how your brain controls everything.

Derek operates to insert a sensor into a patient’s brain.

The patient, Mickey, sits in his wheelchair, facing a computer monitor. Derek tells him to open his hand and the hand on the monitor opens. The doctors in the room clap. Derek says to close it. He does. Derek explains the brain activity they’re seeing on the monitor. Mickey says he’ll be good at Tetris again. He tells them to check out the monitor and he makes the hand hold up only the thumb and pinky. They clap again.

Mickey asks where Dr. Torres is and why she’s missing this debut. Derek whispers to Shane to text her again.

Derek looks at the monitor. Shane asks Derek if there’s something wrong. Derek replies that there’s very little activity in the temporal lobe. Shane asks if the sensor has a bad connection. Derek says he hopes so, because it either means that or there’s a bad connection in his brain. He orders an MRI, then hands Shane a red mug that he accidentally brought from home and asks him to put it with the diaper bag while he tried to find Torres.

Shane enters the residents’ locker room and puts the mug down on a table next to his box of things. He looks around to the cubbies and asks if they’re assigned. Leah excitedly tells him yes, that there are lab coats with their names on them in the cubbies. Stephanie asks why Leah is so happy. Leah replies that she can’t tell her and not to ask. Leah wonders they their new lockers don’t have doors and Stephanie agrees.

They look over at Shane, who has a sullen look on his face. He has noticed the Heather Brooks lab coat in one of the cubbies. After Shane rushes out, Leah asks if he’s being weird. Jo wonders if he failed the exam because he left right afterward and didn’t celebrate with them. Stephanie says that he kissed her. Jo thinks it might be that. Leah says she gets it because she has a secret thing going, too. Jo grabs the red mug off the table and is displeased to see that there’s not coffee in the locker room. As she takes out her phone and leaves, Leah says she can’t tell Jo who kissed her.

Alex answers the phone and Jo says that she has once again woken up alone at his house. She wants to know what’s up. He says he’s been going out. She says she passed her intern exam and didn’t hear from him. She asks him to talk to her. Arizona and Leah watch from the desk as she hangs up the phone after getting no response and fills up the mug with coffee.

After Jo walks away, Leah sighs and says she thought Jo would never leave. Arizona is confused as she looks up and Leah asks if she got her texts about passing her intern exam. Arizona says, yeah, she got them and she replied, “Congratulations.” Leah hoped she’d see Arizona, because she had fun the other night. Arizona agrees, but goes back to her work. Leah thinks she’s ready to take it to the next level. Arizona stutters out that it’s not a good idea. Leah thinks she means to talk about it at work, so she stays quiet. She asks if she’ll see Arizona tonight and Arizona gives a non-committal noise before Leah leaves.

Stephanie is at the desk and gets paged.

In the ER, April brings her up to date on Ben Bosco, who is there with his wife, Joyce, and has an ankle fracture. They were at the airport, running to catch their connection on the moving walkway. They’re on their way to Alaska to see the Northern Lights. And he slipped. They heard the crack of his ankle. April tells Stephanie to get a workup, including a chest x-ray and an ortho consult and keep her posted.

Stephanie goes to leave and almost bumps into Owen, who is walking with Emma. Emma asks if he’s sure it won’t be weird, but he reminds her that he called her. She asks if Robbins knows they’re dating, because she doesn’t want to trade on their “whatever this is” for a chance at the surgery. She likes to keep things professional. Owen asks if they’re not telling people, because he told people. She says it’s okay to tell people. He says they’re at work, so they shake hands and she leaves.

As she walks away, she passes Cristina. Cristina asks if it’s Bring Your Girlfriend to Work Day. He says that Arizona has a teratoma in a 3 month old and Emma wants to observe. Cristina says it’s sweet. He wonders if it will be weird. She says it won’t be weird for her, but wonders if it’ll be weird for Emma, if she’s the type to be freaked out by the ex. Owen sighs, but Cristina is now focused on Meredith, who is sitting at a computer frustrated.

Cristina asks her what’s wrong and she shakes her head and says that it’s nothing, she’s just trying to decide on a research project. Cristina asks what she’s choosing between, but Meredith says she’s got it and collects her stuff to leave.

Jo is examining Richard, who has shoulder pain that isn’t going away and it’s constant. Jo asks if he was injured, but Richard counters that she’s the doctor here. Jo apologizes and reminds him that he’s also her teacher.

Meredith interrupts and asks if Bailey knows anything about portal vein graft research, because tonight’s the deadline to apply for a grant she wants and she can’t choose between that research and Ischemia. Bailey knows what’s happening. First year attendings are scared of screwing up, so they keep a low profile, but second-years have to take flashier cases and publish research. Meredith once again asks if Bailey knows anything and Richard says it was her mother’s research. He says it was part of the journals that Meredith gave him. Ellis was working on it when she got sick. Meredith is disappointed. She sees the red mug sitting by Richard’s bed and notes that she has a mug like that before walking away.

Richard says Jo will be kicked off the case if she doesn’t come back with a solid answer about his shoulder pain. She asks if he means as her teacher or her patient. He tells her to get out. She takes the mug and leaves.

She finds Stephanie in the ER and asks for a differential diagnosis. Stephanie suggests arthritis or bursitis. She’s waiting for Ben Bosco’s chest scans to be ready. She sees that Jo has coffee and eagerly snatches the mug to drink some. Jo thinks Alex isn’t talking to her because she pushed him to talk to his deadbeat dad. Stephanie hasn’t talked to Shane because she’s hoping it’ll just go away. She didn’t kiss him, so it’s not her problem. The computer beeps as her scans come up. She drops the mug in surprise at what she sees. Jo says there’s a huge tumor. Stephanie says, “No, he has a broken ankle.”

Derek finds Callie in the ER, finishing her consult on Ben Bosco’s ankle. He asks if she’s okay and she says that she is. He says they tested the sensors and Mickey kept asking why she wasn’t there. She asks if he got her text. He says that it just said that she wouldn’t be there. She says moving back into the apartment made her think that she needs to get back to being herself and she does cartilage, so she’s not going forward with the brain mapping, but he should totally go forward with it. He reminds her that it’s her project and Mickey is her patient. He doesn’t have time and he and Meredith are in over their heads with the kids. She suggests that they just drop it entirely then. She says it’s no harm done. He says, “Tell that to Mickey Wenschler.” She says Mickey will be fine.

Stephanie walks by and Callie says she checked out the broken ankle. It doesn’t need surgery, just a splint. Derek mutters, “He won’t be all right. It’ll kill him” as he walks away. Stephanie absent-mindedly agrees as she watches Ben and Joyce talk from a distance. She says she can’t do it.

Shane, holding the pieces of broken mug asks her if she broke it. She says she dropped it. She catches Cristina as she walks by and shows her the scan. Shane interjects that the mug wasn’t hers, but she dismisses him. Cristina says the AVM will kill him within months if it doesn’t get treated. She says he just came in for a broken ankle and now he’s dying. Cristina says she needs to look at the bloodwork and then they’ll tell them together.

Leah is escorting Emma to the patient’s room in Peds. Emma thanks her and asks if that’s Dr. Robbins. Leah confirms it as Arizona exits the room with Alex. Emma introduces herself and Arizona excitedly notes that she’s observing the surgery. Leah pipes in that she’s hoping to scrub in. Arizona says that with Emma, it’s a full table, so she’ll have to wait until next time. She tells Emma that they just talked to the parents and they’re about to take her up. She instructs Leah to show Emma where to get scrubs.

Alex and Arizona walk to the desk. He asks about Emma and says it’s good that he’ll be there to chaperone. When she looks horrified, he asks if they’re not joking about that yet. She smiles and laughs and walks away.

Jo runs up to Meredith and hands her one of her mother’s journals. She asks Jo where she got it. Jo says Webber made her go to his house to get it and she needs to figure out his shoulder pain. Meredith says she can leave. Callie asks what that was about. Meredith explains her choice and Callie says that she should continue her mother’s research. Meredith says she doesn’t like to capitalize on her mother’s name, but Callie says that it’s her story and she should invest in her brand like Callie is doing. Meredith says that that sounds like a good reason not to do it. She hands Shane the journal and walks away. Callie says she doesn’t get it.

Shane finds Derek looking at Mickey’s MRI. Shane asks if it’s okay with Derek if he switches services after the end of the day. Derek says he requested Shane specifically. He recognizes that he may have been unfair to Shane over what happened with Heather and he’d like to make it right. Shane says, “Now that Heather’s gone, I get to take her place?” Derek sees a glioma on Mickey’s MRI. Shane asks if he can treat it. Derek says they can try hitting it with some embolization glue, which they use for AVMs. He then says it’s too far into the brain stem and he can’t. Surgery is out for the same reason.

Cristina is talking to Ben and Joyce about Ben’s tumor, but they already knew about it. They quit their jobs, cashed out their accounts, and started traveling. They wanted to pack as much life into the time they had as they could. Cristina asks if their doctor tried treating it. She continues to suggest options as they shut them down. Joyce eventually stands and says she knows it’s hard, but Cristina has to let it go.

Derek is telling Mickey about the tumor and saying there’s nothing he can do about it. Derek says that leaving it alone is the best thing they can do. Mickey asks Derek if they can keep doing the study, but Derek says no, it’s too dangerous and the tumor could skew the results. Mickey suggests they remove the tumor so he can keep doing the study. He wants to do it, but Derek says they’re just going to go in and remove the sensors. Mickey asks what happens if he tells them that they can’t remove the sensors unless they also remove the tumor. Derek says he needs to take them out, but Mickey withholds consent.

Emma is observing the surgery. Arizona takes a moment to ask Alex for advice on what to do when someone gets way too attached. He tells her that Leah Murphy was like that with him. She says Leah goes from zero to “I love you” in seven seconds.

Leah is talking to Shane and Jo and says she’s never felt like this before, but she can’t tell them who it is because it could cause problems for both of them and tells Shane and Jo not to ask. Jo is still trying to figure out what’s wrong with Webber. Stephanie comes up and asks if Jo has spoken to Alex. She says she’s tried, but he keeps walking away. Leah says that he’s dumping her and it’s the same thing he did to her. Shane is trying to glue the red mug back together. Stephanie asks why and he says it’s because it belongs to Shepherd. She says she was startled by a tumor because it’s a scary tumor and inoperable. Shane looks at the newly repaired mug for a second before setting it down on the gurney and leaving.

Shane approaches Cristina and suggests glue for the heart patient’s AVM. He asks if it’s ever been used in a heart before and she tells him no. She says they use glue for neuro AVMs because they’re microscopic, but this one is huge. He asks if that means they can’t do it, but she just says they’ll need a lot of glue.

Derek is telling Callie that glue won’t work, radiation won’t work, and he doesn’t want to operate because the risk of killing Mickey is too high. She says Mickey is holding the sensors hostage in his skull. Derek says it’s not funny and Callie needs to talk to Mickey, but she says just to give him a few hours and he’ll come around. Derek says she doesn’t want to talk to Mickey because she doesn’t want to look him in the eye and tell him that she’s bailing on the study and she especially doesn’t want to tell him why she’s bailing. Callie asks him to tell her why she’s quitting. He says it’s because she started it for Arizona and she lost interest in it when she lost interest in Arizona. He says she’s letting her personal problems get in the way of months of research. She says Derek is doing the same thing because he said he’s done because of Meredith and the kids. He says it’s completely different and she asks if it’s because his family is perfect and hers is a disaster? Or because he’s leaving the study to support his wife and she’s doing it to forget hers? Derek says he knows what she’s going through, but she says he doesn’t know anything about it. She says they’ve figured out how to make the pieces fit. She thought she and Arizona had too, but she’s figuring it out by herself now, so he needs to bear with her. He goes to leave, but she tells him that she’ll talk to Mickey.

Jo is asking Webber questions about his arm. She looks at the scanner she has attached to him and notices she’s not getting a good reading. She turns to see that he’s pulling the sensors off. He says it’s not something he’s done and it’s not his heart. He tells her to look deeper. He also says to leave and take the scanner with her.

Meredith is printing some research when the printer jams. She is frustrated. Bailey asks her about the Ischemia research. Meredith says she knows that it’s boring, but her mother’s research is outdated and she doesn’t want to spend her life being compared to her mother. Bailey reminds her that her mother was a very smart woman. It would be worse never to be compared to her. She’s still trying to print, but the jam gives her an idea. She wants to use a 3D printer to make portal veins.

Cristina is talking to the Boscos about using glue on Ben’s AVM. She tells them it’s never been done before in a heart, but she wants to try it. She thinks it could save his life. He says it’s awful. They’ve spent more money than they could ever pay back. They traveled the world. They bought a boat and then blew it up. They’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars. Shane asks how they were going to pay it back. He says life insurance. He says it was a good plan because he didn’t plan to survive. Joyce says they have to try the glue. He asks about the risks. Cristina reminds him that it’s never been done before. He asks if he could die on the table. She says it’s possible, so he says there’s still hope.

Shane and Cristina are walking together and he asks how much glue they’ll need. She reminds him again that it’s never been done before, so she says to err on the side of all of it. Cristina and Shane go in opposite directions. Meredith catches up with Shane and asks him for her mom’s journal. He says he thinks he left it with Stephanie. She calls for Stephanie.

Stephanie is also being called by April, who says the ER needs the gurney on which the journal and mug are sitting and who wants to know what happened with the broken ankle, why is he heading to pre-op. She says Stephanie can’t change the course of treatment like that. Stephanie says she didn’t, that the cardio consult declared it inoperable. She asks who did the consult.

Emma comes into the scrub room where Cristina is getting ready to operate. She thinks she left her phone in there. Emma asks about the surgery. Emma is intrigued by the procedure and impressed by Cristina’s balls. She says she wishes she could stay to watch. Cristina introduces herself, but Emma reminds her that she’s met, but she doesn’t know who Cristina is as far as Owen. Cristina tells her that she’s his ex-wife. She wishes Cristina good luck and leaves.

Jo walks by Alex as he leaves the hospital. She is irritated that he’s leaving again. She asks if he’s seeing someone else. He denies it and says it’s none of her business.

Callie is talking to Mickey. Mickey says he has told Shepherd everything he needs to know. Callie wants Mickey to look at her, but he’s playing a game on the monitor and doesn’t want to stop, so she turns the monitor off. She says the surgery to remove the tumor could kill him. He says he never told her how he became a quad. She says he was in a car accident, but he clarifies that he got drunk and caused the accident. He got drunk and drove and hit another car and killed two teenage girls, Lindsay and Cheryl. He says he’s left, a pile of garbage who can’t move or do anything for himself. All he can do is think about what he did to those families. He says people are doing everything for him and he doesn’t deserve that. He deserves to have died in the accident. He wishes he had died, but when she asked him to do the study, he saw it as a way to affect people in a good way, so he finally thought he was worth having around again. He says if he dies, they can give his brain to science and he’ll still be helping. He just wants her to let him help.

Alex enters a bar. The bartender recognizes him from the night before and asks him if he wants the same drink as last night. He says yes. The bartender says he must like the band that’s playing. James Evans is playing guitar on the stage.

Callie is trying to convince Derek, who has Zola and baby Bailey with him, to do the surgery on Mickey, to let him help, because he has nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Derek says he’ll do it tomorrow morning, but then remembers he can’t, so he says he’ll do it tonight. He goes to take the kids back to daycare, but Callie says she’ll take them. Derek has a nurse page Shane.

Shane is operating with Cristina. They’re almost out of glue, so she tells him to get more. There’s a minor complication, but Cristina works through it. She asks Shane how he came up with the idea to do the surgery. He says he just connected the dots. She says he’s full of surprises.

Jo is doing x-rays on Richard, who wants to know what she thinks she’ll find. She goes through the list of things it could be and suddenly, something clicks and she realizes that he doesn’t need x-rays; he needs an ultrasound.

Meredith has a nurse page Stephanie. Jo comes up beside her and asks for an ultrasound. Meredith asks if she’s pregnant and if Alex knows. Jo clarifies that she needs an ultrasound machine. Meredith asks if Jo has seen Stephanie and Jo wonders if Alex thinks she’s pregnant. Meredith sees the red mug sitting on the desk and comments that she has a mug like that. She goes to pick it up, but it’s attached to the object underneath it.

Derek is scrubbing in. Shane enters the scrub room and Derek questions where he’s been. Shane says he thought Derek was leaving and says he was in Cristina’s surgery. Derek tells him to scrub in, but he doesn’t want to. Derek says he needs to get over the way that Derek treated him when Heather was around. Shane says he doesn’t want to work with Derek and he can’t make it more clear than that. Derek dismisses him.

Cristina is talking to her patient. She says they don’t know much, but it appears the AVM won’t continue to grow. He and his wife are disappointed, but his wife says they’ll be fine as long as they have each other and the world is more fun with him in it.

April comes in and says that patient was her broken ankle and asks for a heads up when Cristina steals a patient. She sees them crying and asks what happened. A bewildered Cristina says she saved his life.

Stephanie is upset that Shane found a way to save her patient. She asks if he’s still upset about the night of the gala. She says she’s with Jackson. He doesn’t know what she’s talking about. He says he forgot about it. He says he was just excited and he’s sorry it meant more to her than it did to him. She cuts him off, saying it didn’t, but he notes that she’s still talking about it and he isn’t.

Leah comes up and asks what they’re whispering about. She says, fine, that the person she’s kissed is Arizona Robbins and instructs them not to say anything. Stephanie and Shane are confused and Shane asks if she’s gay now. Leah tells him to grow up, that it’s a sliding scale and she’s slid Arizona’s way. If he must label her, she says label her “in love.”

Arizona overhears and calls Leah over. Leah tells her she’s sorry, that they pretty much figured it out. Arizona says she’s sorry because she’s about to be very frank. She says kissing Leah was a bad call. She was lonely. It was lovely, but it was a one-time thing. She tells Leah to adjust her expectations. Leah says there’s no need to apologize. It’s her fault. She doesn’t open up to people. When she opens up a little, she gets carried away. She says she’s always admired Arizona and the thought that Arizona cared was nice. She goes to shake Arizona’s hand, but Arizona just says, “Leah.” Leah walks away as she starts to cry.

Back at the bar, Jimmy comes to sit next to Alex. He orders a drink and tells the bartender that most places comp the bands. Alex offers to pay for his drink. Jimmy introduces himself and recognizes Alex. Alex says he’s been in there the last few nights, but Jimmy thinks it’s from somewhere else. It then clicks. He says Alex is a doctor at the hospital. Alex agrees. Jimmy asks what keeps bringing him back to that bar and Alex says he likes the band. Jimmy asks if he plays guitar. Alex says his dad taught him when he was a kid, but didn’t stick with it. Jimmy says Alex should have stuck with it, because it could have led him to this bar instead of to saving lives. Jimmy asks what kind of doctor he is. When Alex tells him, Jimmy says that he met a pediatric surgeon once, on the scariest night of his life. When his son wasn’t even two years old, he was feeding him strawberries. His son started choking and turned blue. Jimmy took him to the hospital and they got him breathing again. A pediatric surgeon used a tube to get the strawberry out and saved his life. Jimmy says it saved his life, too. If he’d lost his son that night, he’d never have made it. Alex says he’s glad it worked out for him. Jimmy is thankful for pediatric surgeons. Alex asks where Jimmy’s son is now. Jimmy says it’s complicated. He notes that the place is empty, that he was the big draw. Alex goes to leave, but Jimmy wants to play with him. Alex tries to get out of it, saying he hasn’t played since he was a kid. Jimmy suggests that he play one of the songs his dad taught him; he might know one of those.

Derek is operating on Mickey. He asks about changes in his heart rhythm and asks that the monitor be turned up. Dr. Knox says his heart rate is erratic and his BP is rising. Derek has them reverse paralytics so he can check reflexes. There’s no brain activity. Callie is watching from the gallery. Derek looks up at her.

Jo is giving Richard and ultrasound. She diagnoses a pancreatic pseudocyst. Richard isn’t surprised she’s so excited. She explains how she reached that conclusion. Richard says she needs to check her reaction in front of patients. She agrees and apologizes, but he starts laughing and says he finally feels like he’s in good hands.

Meredith has the red mug in her hand as she passes Callie in the hallway and tells her she’s continuing her mother’s research, but not for Callie’s reasons. Callie isn’t interested, but Meredith says her mother had a good idea, but Meredith is not riding her coattails. She’s just sharing her passion. It’s what her mother gave her.

Jimmy and Alex are playing and singing together. Jimmy stops suddenly. Alex asks if he’s okay. He says the song is good and it brings back a lot of memories. He says old mistakes can come back to haunt you. He taught his kid to play guitar, too. He wishes he’d stuck with his. Alex says his kid probably wishes that, too. Jimmy says there’s no going back. He wants to show Alex a picture of his son. Alex is surprised that he has one. He shows Alex the picture and says that that’s Nicky. He’s five in the picture, but he’s twelve now. His mom, Naomi, is Japanese. Alex is shocked and asks where they are. They’re in Florida and Jimmy hasn’t been there in years. Alex says Jimmy just keeps doing this. Jimmy asks what he means. Alex tells him to do the kid a favor and never go back. He’s better off not knowing Jimmy. They start to fight and Alex punches Jimmy. The bartender orders him to get out.

Callie and Derek are in the morgue as Derek removes Mickey’s brain. Callie says she’s not dropping the project. She admits that Derek was right; she was doing the brain mapping for Arizona. But now she’ll do it for a million people she’ll never meet and for Mickey. She wants Derek’s help.

Cristina sees Emma and Owen kiss from a distance. She turns and watches Meredith working through a window. She enters the room and sits down as Derek’s voice over explains that we’re just starting to learn how the brain works. Cristina says she made history today and saved a man from certain death. She says Owen is happy with Emma and has never mentioned her, like the last few years never happened. And the paper towel dispenser won’t recognize her as human.

Meredith, who hasn’t been paying Cristina any attention, looks up and asks, “What?” Cristina asks what she’s doing and Meredith explains about the grant and her mom’s research. Cristina asks how she’s going to do that. Meredith stops her and says she has a career and a family and she has time for both, but she doesn’t have time for Cristina to tell her she can’t. She says she was always there for Cristina and now she needs Cristina. But instead, Cristina pushed her aside because she had a baby. Meredith says Cristina doesn’t have time for people who don’t want what she wants.

Voice over Derek says every connection matters. They’re all crucial. When one is broken, some damage has been done.

Cristina comes home to Jo and Alex arguing. Jo traces their fight back to Alex’s dad. Alex admits that she’s right. He says he could have just let Jimmy pass through, but he didn’t and he didn’t know he could feel this crappy again after 18 years. Jo is shocked. Alex collapses into bed.

Derek’s voice over says the system compels them to act and make choices, sometimes seemingly against their own will. Arizona gets up and texts Leah to see what she’s doing. Voice over Derek says it’s not random. It’s the map of who we are.

Meredith comes home and asks if Derek got her text. He shushes her. She explains about the grant. He just got the kids to sleep. Derek says what they’re doing isn’t working. Meredith agrees. Derek has a solution. He wants to do the research with Callie. He says it’s a big year for her. He step back from surgery, do the research, and spend more time with the kids. Meredith says he’ll grow to resent her and so will the kids. She doesn’t want to be her mother. He says she’s not her mother. She says it's not fair. He says spending time with their kids isn’t a consolation prize. It is the prize. He says he’ll give her a year with them later, maybe when Zola is dating. Meredith realizes he’ll be having more fun than she will.

Derek sees the red mug in her bag and pulls it out. She asks if that’s theirs. He says it is and puts it in the cabinet with the others and closes the cabinet.


  • Meredith Grey
  • Cristina Yang
  • Alex Karev
  • Miranda Bailey
  • Richard Webber
  • Callie Torres
  • Owen Hunt
  • Arizona Robbins
  • April Kepner
  • Jo Wilson
  • Shane Ross
  • Stephanie Edwards
  • Leah Murphy
  • Derek Shepherd
  • James Evans
  • Joyce Bosco
  • Ben Bosco
  • Emma Marling
  • Mickey Wenschler
  • Dr. Knox
  • Bartender

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Medical NotesEdit

Mickey WenschlerEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Quadriplegia
    • Glioma
  • Treatment:
    • Brain Mapping

Mickey was paralyzed in an accident that killed two teenage girls because he had driven drunk. While participating in the brain mapping trial, it was discovered that he also had a glioma, which Derek hoped to treat using embolization glue, but he discovered that he couldn't do that and he also couldn't operate to remove it. When he informed Mickey of this, Mickey insisted that he wanted Derek to try to remove it and denied Derek consent for the operation to remove the sensors unless he also removed the tumor. Callie tried to convince him to let Derek remove the sensors, but he said that he wished he had died in the car accident because now people have to do everything for him and he doesn't feel worthy of their attention and he'd like to do the study because he feels like he's worth having around because he's helping people, so she asked Derek to try. In surgery, Mickey became unstable and was pronounced brain dead. Derek and Callie removed his brain to use in their research.

Ben BoscoEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Ankle Fracture
    • Arteriovenous malformation
  • Treatment:
    • Splinting
    • Embolization glue

Ben Bosco came into the ER with an ankle fracture, which just needed to be splinted. However, while running tests, Stephanie discovered that he had a large AVM. When they went to break the news to him and his wife, they revealed that they already knew about it and all treatments had been unsuccessful. When Stephanie mentioned the case to Shane, he suggested that they try using glue. Cristina was reluctant to try it, as it would require a lot of glue, but she was convinced that it was worth the attempt. The operation appeared to be successful.


  • Diagnosis:
    • Teratoma
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery

Three-month-old Erin had a teratoma. Emma came in to observe the procedure, which was performed by Arizona Robbins with Alex's assistance.

Richard WebberEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Pancreatic Pseudocyst
  • Treatment:

Dr. Webber complained of pain in his shoulder and challenged Jo to diagnose it. After testing for many other things, she diagnosed him with a pancreatic pseudocyst with referred pain to his shoulder.


Song Performer Scene
"Changing of the Guard" Holy Ghost!
  • Derek gets an idea while watching Zola draw.
  • Derek and Callie unpack a cortical sensor array.
  • He aligns his cortical sensors on Mickey's brain.
  • Derek and Shane watch Mickey's progress, and they discover he has low temporal lobe activity and schedules an MRI.
"Everybody Get Up" Chops
  • Emma admits something.
  • Alex advises Arizona on how to detach from a clingy hookup.
  • The interns talk about their patients.
  • Shane leaves in the middle of gluing the mug.
  • Shane proposes to Cristina to use glue on the patient's AVM.
"Look What You've Become" Left Hand Smoke
  • Alex and James chat in the bar and James asks Alex to play the guitar with him.
  • Derek loses his patient on the table.
"Bright Lights, Big City"

Justin Chambers and James Remar

(originally by Jimmy Reed)

  • Alex and his father play this song on their guitars on the stage in the bar.
  • Alex stops playing when he sees James is almost crying.
"We Ran Faster Then" Mackintosh Braun
  • Meredith blames Cristina for not having time for people who want other things than she does.
  • Alex is angry at Jo for pushing him to talk to his dad, and now he feels extremely crappy.
  • He angrily flops onto his bed.
  • Arizona gives in to her feelings of loneliness and texts Leah.
  • Derek tells Meredith that he'll take a step back so she can have a great year.

Notes and TriviaEdit

Grey's Anatomy 10x06 Promo "Map of You" (HD)

Grey's Anatomy 10x06 Promo "Map of You" (HD)

  • This episode's title originated from the song Map of You, originally sung by New Musik.
  • This episode scored 8.73 million viewers.
  • Including his two appearances on Private Practice, James Pickens, Jr. makes his 200th appearance as Richard Webber.
  • The piano music used in the scene where Cristina watches Owen and Emma kiss each other was previously used in season 5 when Cristina and Owen got together.
  • This episode marks the start of the second year of residents Shane RossLeah MurphyStephanie Edwards, and Jo Wilson, which means they took and passed their internship exams between the fifth and sixth episode.
  • Goof: Derek's labcoat has Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital embroidered on it in the scene where he is speaking to Callie about Mickey after Mickey tells Derek to take out his tumor. All other times his labcoat has the correct Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital embroidery.
  • Goof: Derek is listed as "Derek Sheperd" in Arizona's phone.
  • Goof: Shane's badge ID still shows "Surgical Intern" on the department line despite no longer being an intern.
  • Goof: Derek's last name is misspelled as Shephard when Shane is paged.


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Cristina: I think I cease to exist. I made history today. Literally, operated on the inoperable. Saved a man from certain death, and then ruined his life. Oh, also, Owen seems very happy with that Marling person, to whom he's never even mentioned me. It's as if the last few years never happened. Also, the paper towel thingy won't recognize me as human. I'm just standing there waving my hands like an idiot.
Meredith: I'm sorry, what?
Cristina: What are you doing?
Meredith: Application for research funding.
Cristina: Oh, you picked your project?
Meredith: Yes, I'm going to 3-D print portal veins.
Cristina: Well, that is amazing, Mer! How are you going to do...
Meredith: Okay, don't. That's why I didn't tell you. I have a career and a family and I'm going to do both. What I don't have time for is for you to tell me that I can't.
Cristina: I never said that.
Meredith: You know, I was always there for you, for whatever you needed. And now, this is when I need you. You're supposed to help me. And instead, last week, you pushed me aside because I had a baby. You don't have time for me now because you don't have time for people who want things that you don't want.

Callie: What was that about?
Meredith: Research funding. I'm trying to decide between an ischemia study and this portal vein thing that my mother was working on.
Callie: Wow! Do that!
Meredith: It's half baked. And I don't like trading on my mother's name.
Callie: It's your story! Yeah, brilliant young surgeon finishes work of dead, brilliant mother surgeon. It writes itself! Invest in your brand!
Meredith: You make me sound like a soft drink.
Callie: That's what I'm doing. Yeah, I'm reinvesting in myself.
Meredith: That's the perfect reason...
Callie: Right?
Meredith: ...not to.

Joyce: Ben's a very good planner.
Ben: I thought I was. I didn't plan for surviving.
Joyce: But still, hun, we gotta try it. Right?
Ben: Wait. What are the risks?
Cristina: Well, as I said before, this has never been done before on a beating heart.
Ben: Could I die? Could I die on the table?
Cristina: It's possible.
Ben: Then there's hope.

Jo: You don't need an X-ray.
Richard: Bravo!
Jo: You need an ultrasound.
Richard: I hope you're not thinking I'm pregnant!

Jo: I need an ultrasound.
Meredith: Are you pregnant? Does Alex know?
Jo: No! I need an ultrasound machine.

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