Mara Keaton is a urology fellow working at Brigham and Women's Hospital, studying under Dr. Catherine Avery.


Dr. Keaton accompanied Dr. Catherine Avery to Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital when Dr. Avery was consulted to assist Dr. Richard Webber and Dr. Miranda Bailey regarding their bladder surgery case.

While visiting, Dr. Avery tasked Dr. Keaton to gather information about her son subtly. Jackson, unfortunately believing this to be a romantic set-up by his mother, rejected Dr. Keaton. Offended by this presumption, Dr. Keaton then revealed her true intentions with Jackson, and the two eventually bonded over their mutual frustrations with Jackson's mother.

With Jackson's advice, Dr. Keaton stood up to Dr. Avery prior to the Frontiers of Medicine Benefit and informed her that she would be taking the night off. Dr. Keaton and Jackson then spent the night together in an on-call room.


Dr. Keaton attained her medical degree from the Medical Sciences Division at the University of Oxford and completed her surgical residency at Massachusetts General Hospital. She then attained a urology fellowship at Brigham and Women's Hospital to study under Dr. Catherine Avery.

At Dr. Keaton's introduction, she was in the final year of her fellowship and is considering Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital to be an attending urologist the following year.

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