Marcy came to the hospital to donate part of her liver to her sister, Karen.


Marcy's sister, Karen, was in liver failure. Marcy was a match and agreed to donate part of her liver to her sister. While they were hospitalized, Marcy pestered Karen by constantly talking about this wonderful thing she was doing for Karen and how she was missing her family vacation to do it.

Karen told Marcy that she knew that Marcy would hold the liver donation over her head for the rest of their lives. They fought over it and Karen said that she didn't want Marcy's liver anymore. However, Karen began to cough up blood, a sign of end-stage liver failure. Karen agreed to accept Marcy's liver.

After the surgery, Karen and Marcy started to fight again. Karen said that Marcy was never allowed to mention the liver again or she would reveal some of Marcy's secrets. When they continued to fight even after that, Meredith silenced both of them, saying they were in time out.



Marcy is married to a man named Harry. They have at least two children, including one named Kaylee.


Marcy skipped her family vacation to donate part of her liver to her sister, Karen. She constantly reminded Karen of all the things she had done for her, much to Karen's annoyance.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The liver transplant was Marcy's first major surgery.
  • She once lost thousands of dollars in a lipstick selling Ponzi scheme.
  • She sometimes sexts her college boyfriend.


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