Mari Prishna is a woman who held her husband up for hours on an injured arm and nearly severed it.


Mari and her husband, Jai, were hiking. When they finished their hike, they stopped to take a picture. Jai stepped slightly back to take the photo and slipped off the cliff behind them. Mari grabbed onto the rope he was hanging from and, despite having an injury to her own shoulder, held on for several hours until Jackson, who was out walking after leaving Maggie in the woods, found them and helped Mari hold on. They stayed like that until Vic Hughes arrived and held wench him up. Mari and Jai were both taken to the hospital, where each had emergency surgery, her on her arms and him on his legs.

A week later, They were both recovering nicely from their initial surgeries. The doctors had managed to save both Jai's legs and Mari's fracture was healing, but she needed a second surgery to do nerve repair. Mari's surgery went well.

A week after that, Jai lost consciousness suddenly in his hospital room and Mari called for help. They diagnosed watershed infarctions, but had no idea what was causing them as he was young and healthy.

Another week later, Jai was on life support, something Mari knew he would hate. She planned to take him off life support, but just as they were doing so, Link and Amelia came in with something Amelia remembered about a past patient, who had a fat embolus come off a break and go to his brain. It looked the same as Jai and caused a tell-tale rash. She searched Jai's body for the rash and found it under his arm. They told Mari they might be able to wake Jai up.

For a week, Jai had experimental treatments, but still hadn't woken up. Mari wanted to stop treatments, worried it would make Jai just better enough that he wouldn't die. Andrew convinced her that it wasn't time yet to give up on Jai.

After another week of treatment, Mari had found a long-term care facility for Jai. However, she was surprised when the doctors took her to his room and he was awake. His exams all looked good, but he was still very weak. Mari kissed him and thanked all the doctors.



She is married to Jai Prishna. They like to go hiking together. When he fell off a cliff while taking a selfie, she held him up for hours until help arrived.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was 34 at the time of her hospitalization.
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