Marie Lamott is the wife of Henry Lamott.


Marie's husband, Henry, was in the hospital waiting to receive a spinal implant to relieve the pain of his herniated disk. Because of his allergy to all pain medications, his doctor prescribed the use of pornography to reduce his pain to a manageable level until his implant was in place.

When the power went out at the hospital, Henry's pain worsened without access to pornography. Realizing that he was really in pain without it, Cristina sat down with him and told him an erotic story to reduce his pain.



She is married to Henry Lamott. She said she's okay with his use of pornography to take away his pain because he takes away her pain.


She and her husband have at least two children. When the storm knocked out the power, they were dismissed early from school and she had to go pick them up.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She knits.