Marisa Windsor is a child who suffered brain damage after an allergic reaction.


Marisa was at the practice for a routine exam when she started seizing. She had juvenile Krabbe's disease, which had caused significant neurological deterioration. She'd been on sedatives, but her parents had them reduced because they were making her a zombie. She'd lost most of her hearing and part of her eyesight. She had six months to a year left to live. Her parents had been seeing Sheldon to try to adjust to that idea.

Pete suggested a stem cell transfusion, but Cooper rejected the idea, worried it might do more damage. They went to the Windsors about it, saying it could give her two or three more years. Her mother, Angela, wanted to do it, but her father, Jason, worried about the possibility of it making her worse.

They did the transfusion, but Marisa had a severe allergic reaction and was deprived of oxygen for a significant amount of time, leaving her only minimally functional. Her parents were devastated and blamed the doctors for pushing them into the treatment.

Jason talked to Cooper about Marisa's condition and asked him to help end her suffering. Cooper refused.



Marisa's parents had a hard time accepting her inevitable death.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was eight at the time of her hospitalization.
  • She used sign language to communicate.
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