Marla Kristler came into the ER after the meth lab she was running exploded.


Marla was cooking meth in her apartment when it exploded. She was severely injured, including a skull fracture and abdominal injuries. She was taken into the ER where her injuries were assessed and then into surgery.

After her surgery, she woke up and was told her husband had been arrested for the meth lab and the police would probably want to speak with her as well.



She is married to Dave Kristler. When Dave lost his job, they started to cook crystal meth to make ends meet.


She and her husband have a son, Brian. While they cooked meth, he passively ingested it. After the meth lab exploded, his grandmother came to take him because his parents were arrested.


Marla and Dave are friends with their neighbor, Archie Roche. He sometimes babysat Brian. When he found out that they had been cooking meth, he was shocked and disappointed.

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