Marshall is a man who was electrocuted after a car accident.


Marshall was driving back to work when he was in a car accident. There were downed wires nearby electrifying the ground, so the firefighters told him to stay in his car while they worked to free him. However, when they noticed a fuel leak under his car, they no longer had time for him to wait, so they instructed him to jump carefully out onto the ground, making sure to land on both feet simultaneously. He did so, but then he had to continue hopping toward a safe area. While hopping, he lost his balance and fell into the road. The power was then shut off, so the firefighters approached him and saw that he was singed around his nose. Travis advised Ben that what you can't see with electrocution is often worse than what you can see. They started to work on him, but he was quickly declining. Travis wanted to intubate, but Ben stopped him because he wouldn't be able to talk once he was intubated. They told him he should call his wife. He called Lynn and told her he loved her and she replied in kind when he pushed her. She worried about him, but he wouldn't tell her what was happening. After they hung up, he quickly died.



He was married to Lynn until his death.


He and his wife were expecting triplets when he died.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He considered himself lucky.