Martin Fields is the ICE agent who came for Sam Bello.


Martin came to Grey Sloan and told Bailey he was looking for a surgical resident, Sam Bello. He was from immigration, so Bailey told him Bello was in surgery to delay him. While he was waiting for her to come out of surgery, Bailey noticed his carotid was bulging and eventually convinced him to have an EKG. The EKG was concerned, so Maggie ordered additional tests, which showed an almost-complete blockage of his coronary arteries, making him extremely high-risk for a heart attack. He had a cardiac catheterization to open his arteries. During his procedure, he talked about how he used to like doing his job, but didn't anymore.



He is married.


He is an agent for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He chose that career because he wanted to be the good guy who came in and fixed everything, but he has since lost the joy in his job.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He grew up watching Westerns.
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