Mary Daltrey is a paramedic who caused an ambulance crash when she had a seizure while driving.


Mary was driving an ambulance to the hospital when she had a seizure and crashed into another ambulance in the ambulance bay. She was postictal after the crash and had a bad elbow dislocation.

Callie reduced her elbow in the ER and Derek examined her and ordered an MRI. The MRI revealed a brain tumor, which had caused the seizure. They needed to do a cookie craniotomy and use a scope to remove the tumor. Before her surgery, she had another seizure.

They took her into surgery, but the navigational system died during the surgery, meaning Derek had no way of knowing where he was going in her brain. ("Crash Into Me, Part 1")

They were able to fix the navigational system and finish the surgery. Mary was expected to make a full recovery. ("Crash Into Me, Part 2")



Shane is her partner. Unbeknownst to her, he is racist.


Mary is a paramedic in Seattle. Shane is her partner.




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