Megan Clover is a girl who came into the ER who was found to be insensitive to pain.


Megan fell on the playground and cut open her leg. Her foster parents brought her into the ER, her fourth visit in three months. They said the knew it looked like they were abusive, but they insisted they weren't and that her file went back long before they got her.

Alex examined her and found a place on her arm where she'd been cut falling off her bike and saw staples closing the wound. He asked if her foster parents had done it, but she said she'd done it herself because she didn't want to go to the hospital again. She said they hadn't hurt her, that no one could hurt her, and offered to let him punch her in the stomach. Alex went to give her a shot to numb her so he could remove the staples, but she quickly removed them herself without being numbed, including one that she had to remove with her teeth. When Alex questioned if it hurt, she whispered to him that she had superpowers.

Alex consulted with Bailey, who said he needed to do a cold pressure test to test her response to pain. He did so and they both put in their hands in ice water. After he'd reached his point of intolerance, he yanked out his hand and had to pull Megan's out in order to prevent hypothermia as she showed no signs of distress. She then told Alex she'd let a kid who didn't believe that she had superpowers hit her in the stomach 25 times, plus once with a baseball bat.

Alex ordered a CT, which revealed massive internal injuries. Addison suspected that she had CIPA, making her insensitive to pain. It's usually diagnosed in infants, but because she'd been in foster care, no one had put it together.

They ran genetic testing to confirm her condition and planned surgery, but Megan overheard them talking and ran away before they could operate. Alex found her and went to take her back to have her surgery, but she didn't want him to tell her foster parents she was defective because she was worried they'd send her back. He said they wouldn't send her back because they had their own personal superhero.

They took Megan into surgery, where they repaired the damage to her internal organs. After surgery, she was stable and her foster parents waited by her bedside.



Megan was living in foster care with Mrs. and Len Gantry. She said they were the best parents she'd ever had and didn't want to leave them.


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