Megan Shelley is one of three siblings who came into the hospital to have their stomachs removed after they tested positive for a gene that causes gastric cancer.


All three Shelley siblings tested positive for a gene that gave them a 3/4 chance of getting gastric cancer, which had killed off most of their family. Because of this, they decided to get prophylactic gastrectomies.

When he heard about the possible side effects of the surgery, Mike backed out and Megan briefly backed out as well. However, after they found stage I cancer during Tricia's surgery, Megan agreed to have hers. The surgery went well and she was awake and said the pain was minimal afterward.



Due to the gastric cancer gene running in their family, the Shelley family was down to a branch. They had lost their mother, grandfather, aunt, and uncle to the disease and had a cousin in hospice care.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was 27 at the time of her gastrectomy.
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