Megan Stewart is a former patient of Dr. Jake Reilly. He helped her achieve pregnancy five times.


Megan was a patient of Dr. Reilly who desperately wanted to become pregnant, so he helped her through the IVF process several times. She miscarried four times. The fourth miscarriage required a D&C. While waiting for the D&C, she saw Pam Reiter give birth and cried. After her D&C, Jake told Megan that he thought it was time for them to talk about other options for her. ("You Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone")

Megan begged Jake to try once more. He agreed and Megan became pregnant for the fifth time. Jake advised her to take it easy. Megan came into the ER with mild cramping. Jake assured her it was normal and it was just fear. She said it was hard to relax because she felt like she was waiting to lose the pregnancy. He wanted to discharge her, but she said she felt safer at the hospital and asked him to stay for a while with her.

One night, she called him to her house. She was cramping and believed she was miscarrying, though he said her symptoms were probably due to the progesterone shot he'd given her the day before. After she calmed down, he said she couldn't keep panicking like that. He said he'd been by her side the whole way and she kissed him. He pulled back quickly and left. The next morning, she came into the practice to clear the air, but he gave her a list of other doctors and told her she needed to choose someone else to see her through her pregnancy, as his level of care for her as his patient was being misinterpreted.

As she left, she angrily told Addison that Jake had made a pass at her. Addison didn't believe her and said that she couldn't lie about the one man who had tried to help her. ("The World According to Jake")



She was married to Danny Stewart. They wanted a baby, so they moved to Los Angeles to see Jake because other fertility specialists had told them it was a long shot. ("You Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone")

Addison implied that their relationship wasn't good and wondered if Danny even wanted a baby. ("The World According to Jake")

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She previously miscarried four times.[1]





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