Mel Barnett is an attending pediatric surgeon.


Arrival at the HospitalEdit

Dr. Barnett was hired by Seattle Grace Mercy West to run the peds ward while Arizona Robbins was recovering from her leg amputation. He came to Seattle from Miami.

Dr. Barnett was introduced to Derek and Callie by Owen. When Callie introduced herself, Dr. Barnett said he was sorry about Arizona. Owen then quickly left to show Mel the NICU as he felt it was getting hard for Callie. ("Going, Going, Gone")

African ProgramEdit

While talking to Alex about the African program, Mel revealed that Owen told him that Arizona really liked Alex. When Alex told him he was leaving that night for Johns Hopkins, Mel said that that was a great program. Alex then asked him if Owen informed him on the African orphans exchange program. Barnett said it was admirable work, but that it didn't fit with his agenda. However, he said to Alex that the program would continue to exist, but at another hospital. ("Going, Going, Gone")

New PasswordsEdit

At some point, Mel decided that everyone working in peds had to create new computer passwords. However, Alex was having trouble with it, saying you had to access the settings menu to create a new password, but that he couldn't access it without any password. ("I Saw Her Standing There")


Dr. Mel Barnett is a pediatric surgery attending.

Mel mentioned that he came from Miami to Seattle when he was hired to work there.

Notes and TriviaEdit