Melanie Reynolds came to the hospital after being in a car accident with her family and ended up dying.


Melanie and her husband, Noah, were in a car when Marshall Stone fell asleep at the wheel and hit the car behind them, holding Melanie's parents, which then slammed into them. Melanie's side took all the impact. In the ER, she insisted that she was fine and just wanted the doctors to check on her baby.

They took her for a CT, which revealed catastrophic internal injuries. The adrenaline from the car accident had kept her conscious and pain-free. When she was in CT, she started to relax and she crashed. They rushed her to the OR. It quickly became clear that there wasn't much they could do, so they went into damage control mode. They operated, removing her spleen, until she reached the triangle of death, then the packed her and took her to the ICU. They later took her back into the OR, where they tried again to save her. They removed part of her lung, but she started coding. Alex was sent to get Addison to deliver the baby, but she was with another patient. By the time he got back to the OR, Melanie was dying. Knowing he had only a few minutes to save the baby, he did a c-section, talked through it by Miranda Bailey. The c-section was successful and after a few minutes, the baby started breathing. Melanie was pronounced dead not long after her baby was born.



She was married to Noah Reynolds until her death. They met when Noah went to college in Alabama.


Melanie's parents came to town for her baby shower. Her parents were very protective of her. Her father ignored the doctors' orders to stay on the backboard in order to make sure that Melanie and her baby were okay. Melanie's mother said they were very close and Melanie asked her advice on everything. Her baby was born shortly before Melanie was pronounced dead.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was 22 at the time of her death.
  • She was pronounced dead at 19:48.
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