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Meredith's Assault is the attack on Meredith by her patient, Lou.


Lou was in a car accident. Meredith came across the accident on her way to work and stepped in to help. They chatted happily as Meredith started to treat him in the ER once they arrived at the hospital. However, in the ER, Lou had a seizure. Afterward, while Meredith was alone in the trauma room with him, he got up in a fugue state and attacked Meredith, slamming her into walls before she passed out on the floor of the trauma room.

When she woke up, there was ringing in her ears and she was unable to hear anything due to barotrauma. Her leg and arm were broken, as well as her jaw. Her elbow was dislocated. They had to reduce her jaw in order to intubate her. She started healing slowly, but the first few times she woke up after the attack, she immediately re-sedated herself with morphine. She had multiple surgeries to repair the damage. After she woke up, she had to communicate using a whiteboard, because her wired jaw left her unable to speak. She had started to regain her hearing by that point and Jackson told her it was likely she'd have no lasting hearing loss.

Meredith's kids were brought to visit her, but her appearance scared them and the visit was cut short.

During her recovery, Lou and his family visited her and apologized, though he was unaware of what he was doing during the attack. She forgave him.

After her jaw finished healing, the wires were cut and she was sent home with a cast still on her leg.

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Notes and Trivia[]

  • Meredith's recovery took several weeks.
  • The attack happened at 11:42 in the morning.


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