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Michael Anderson was in a car accident with his family that killed his grandmother and both parents.


While on their way to a camping trip, Michael's family was in a car accident. He was left pinned under a door, conscious but unable to move. He was extracted and taken to the emergency room at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.

In the ER, Michael had abdominal pain. His abdomen was rigid and they suspected a liver laceration. When a CT confirmed it, he was taken into surgery. While he was in surgery, he became unstable and was feverish. Ben Warren quickly diagnosed malignant hyperthermia. They iced Michael's body and turned the temperature in the room down and waited for his heart rate to go back down so they could finish his surgery.

His surgery was completed successfully and post-op, he was awake and alert.



Michael was on a camping trip with his family when they were in a car accident. His parents and his grandmother died, leaving him and his two sisters, Lily and Abby, on their own.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • He was 14 at the time of his parents' deaths.


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