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Michael Williams is Travis's late husband.


Meeting Travis, Courtship, and Marriage[]

Michael met Travis when they were in the fire academy. Travis helped Michael practice rescuing trapped persons by pretending to be one in a scenario created by Theo to help him study. Michael successfully rescued Travis. By the next year, they were dating secretly. However, when Travis came over to Michael and Theo's place, they learned that Theo knew and was happy for them. They continued to date until, in 2011, while having dinner with Theo, Travis accidentally referenced their future children. This prompted Michael to pull out a ring to propose. Travis surprised him by producing a ring of his own. They proposed and accepted simultaneously. ("No One is Alone")

When they told Travis's parents they were engaged, his parents were silent on the issue and then his father left the table. As they planned the wedding, Travis asked his mother to read a poem she'd written while she was pregnant with Travis at the ceremony. She agreed, but on the day of the wedding, neither of his parents came. Michael promised to be his family and show up for him.

After the wedding, Nari read the poem to them privately. Michael said she'd done her best, though Travis said it wasn't enough. ("Ice Ice Baby")

When Theo came up for a promotion to captain, the three of them celebrated with some champagne. After the promotion went through, Travis worried about Theo being Michael's captain given their friendship. He worried about Theo being responsible for Michael being injured on the job. Michael reassured him that it would be okay. However, some time later, at a scene, Theo miscalculated and told Michael it was safe to shelter in place. It wasn't, and Michael ended up dying. ("No One is Alone")



He was married to Travis Montgomery until his death. Neither of Travis's parents was present at their wedding and never publicly accepted their marriage. ("Ice Ice Baby") After their wedding, they honeymooned at a B&B. ("Reignited")

At some point during their marriage, they won a trip to the Maldives. During the trip, Travis worried about not having much time left on their trip until Michael told him to stop and enjoy himself instead of just worrying about not having enough time left. ("No One is Alone")


He and Theo Ruiz were best friends until his death, for which Theo was responsible. They attended the fire academy together and were probies together. They also lived together until Michael married Travis. ("No One is Alone")


He was a firefighter for Seattle Fire Department at station 54 until he died in the line of duty.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • He made a great veggie meatloaf. He gave Travis the recipe before he died.[1]



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