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Michael Fazioli is a police officer for the Seattle Police Department.


Pacific College Shooting[]

Faz responded to the mass shooting that occurred at Pacific College. After a confrontation with the gunman, Faz was able to take him down with a shot to the chest, but suffered his own gunshot wounds to his upper arm and left leg. He was soon rushed to Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital to be treated.

Because of his training, he was the only one that could properly identify the shooter. Despite being warned that waking him up could be traumatic, at the behest of his sergeant, Marty Hancock, he was forcibly awaken when Richard Webber ordered the pain medication to be reversed. Although clearly in pain, Faz was able to describe the shooter, leading Marty to identify the latter as Jared Swork.

After he was re-medicated, his vitals and pressure began dropping. April Kepner used an ultrasound to discover active bleeding in the belly prompting immediate surgery. Due to the mass trauma, all the O.R.'s were booked, which resulted in Faz's operation taking place in trauma room one. Webber performed the surgery to correct the bleeding, and despite it being touch and go, Webber was successful.



Marty Hancock[]

Faz seemed to have a good relationship with his superior officer, Marty Hancock, as the latter had nothing but high remarks about the former.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Faz is one of the few patients to have a major procedure done in a trauma room.
  • He was 28 at the time of the shooting.