Michael Norris was Erica Hahn's patient whose heart was stolen by Izzie Stevens for Denny.


Failed TransplantEdit

Michael Norris was on the heart transplant list waiting for a new heart. He was entered into the donor list 17 seconds before Denny Duquette. When two donor hearts became available at Mercy West Medical Center, Erica Hahn went to retrieve Michael's and Preston Burke to retrieve Denny's. After Denny's donor died, Burke fought over Michael's donor's heart. After calling UNOS, they confirmed that Michael was higher on the list than Denny by a very small margin, but being entered into the list 17 seconds earlier gave him the edge. After Izzie found this out, she lied and said that Denny was getting worse, hoping to move his status up so he'd get the heart. When they asked her to confirm with tests, she cut Denny's LVAD wire to worsen his condition so she could get tests results that said he was in worse condition. The heart ultimately went to Denny, causing Michael to go back on the transplant list. ("17 Seconds")

Alcohol AblationEdit

He later came to Seattle Grace to have a procedure done by his doctor, Erica Hahn.

Hahn picked Izzie to assist with the case and Izzie found out that it was the man she stole the heart from. His first procedure failed and he almost went home, but Izzie talked him back into doing a second procedure, which was a success. Hahn said she bought him some time, but he still needed a new heart. ("Rise Up")



He is married to Elyse Norris. They have two kids together.


He has two children with his wife.


Erica said that she doesn't get close to patients, but she really liked Michael.

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