Michelle was Amelia Shepherd's best friend. She was diagnosed with Huntington's disease and later committed suicide.



Michelle's mother had died of Huntington's. She came to visit Amelia and Amelia implored her to get tested because she was already living like she had the disease. Michelle agreed to get the testing and when Pete found out, he said that she'd need counseling before her test in case it was positive. Amelia insisted she didn't need it, but while she was drawing Michelle's blood, Michelle declared her intent to kill herself if her test came back positive.

The test came back positive, but Amelia, fearing Michelle killing herself, lied and said her test was negative.

Michelle got excited and started to buy things to travel to Italy. However, when she came back to talk to Amelia, Amelia admitted she had lied because she was worried that Michelle would kill herself. Michelle said she was scared and left, saying she never wanted to see Amelia again.

Amelia went back to Michelle and convinced her not to kill herself, saying she should stay alive as long as the good days outnumbered the bad. Amelia offered her help and said that when the day came when her life got to the point where it wasn't worth living, Amelia agreed to euthanize her. ("Love and Lies")


After Michelle was diagnosed with Huntington's disease, she immediately took a long vacation to Italy, enjoying her life before the disease took over it. When she returned, she met with her best friend, Amelia Shepherd, and asked her to assist in her suicide because she'd started to show symptoms.

After much debate, Amelia decided to help Michelle die, as Michelle didn't want the disease to rule her life. Michelle had a severe adverse reaction to the benzo that Amelia injected, resulting in her being taken to the ER.

While she was recovering, Michelle and Amelia made a deal - Amelia wouldn't drink if Michelle didn't kill herself. One evening, Amelia found Michelle on her bed, dead. She had killed herself by taking an overdose of painkillers. ("Step One")



While in Italy, Michelle had several short-lived relationships with various Italian men.


Michelle's mother had died of Huntington's disease, prompting Michelle to get tested for the gene.


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Michelle and Amelia were best friends. Michelle turned to Amelia for help when she wanted to commit physician assisted suicide. After her potassium scare, the two friends made a pact that Amelia wouldn't drink if Michelle didn't kill herself. Michelle's death caused Amelia to spiral downward into drugs once again.



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