Mildred Clemons is the social worker who handled Addison's case as she tried to adopt.


Addison's Home VisitEdit

When Addison applied to adopt a baby, Mildred came to her house to do a home visit. She looked for potentially hazardous situations, including the beach behind Addison's house. Everything was going well until Mildred found a pair of Sam's shoes and asked Addison if there was a man living there Addison hadn't told her about. Despite this snafu, Addison was later informed that Mildred had approved her. ("Are You My Mother?")

Addison Adopting HenryEdit

Mildred called Addison later when Judi chose Addison to adopt her baby. ("It Was Inevitable")

Mildred watched as Addison and Judi talked about the terms of their option adoption. When they struggled with what they wanted, Mildred suggested weekly photos and monthly visits, a common setup. ("Apron Strings")

Interviewing JakeEdit

When Addison notified Mildred that Jake had moved in with her and Henry, she asked to interview him. The interview went well until Jake had to be fingerprinted. He gave his print, but warned Addison that he'd been arrested for beating up Lily's dealer.

When Mildred showed up to do a home visit with Jake and Henry, she walked in on Angela confronting Jake about threatening her boyfriend. ("The World According to Jake")

Addison's Adoption HearingEdit

When Addison learned at her final adoption hearing that Mildred had expressed concerns about the adoption, Addison went to her office to confront her about it. She said she was worried about Jake because he'd beaten a man nearly to death. Addison defended Jake's character, but Mildred said she'd already made her commendation and it was up to the judge. ("Full Release")


She is a social worker.




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