Mindy Carlson is the wife of James Carlson, the man who came into Seattle Grace Hospital with a bomb in his chest.



Mindy Carlson is the wife of James Carlson who came to the Seattle Hospital with a bazooka shell in his chest. She came into the ER with him screaming loudly. Alex eventually got her to stop crying and figured out that nothing was wrong with her and all the blood on her was her husband's. She was concerned about whether or not her husband would live, especially after hearing that the round in his chest was live and could explode at any moment. ("It's the End of the World")

With the help of Dylan Young of the Bomb Squad, they developed a plan to get the bomb out of his cavity and operate on his chest. After some complications, they did so and Mindy was told that James would be okay. ("As We Know It")



Mindy had a loving relationship with her husband, James Carlson. She felt that James WW2 obsession was childish, but was very upset when he became injured. She and James have three kids together.




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