Morgan Fisher was in a car accident on the way from her father's funeral.


Morgan and her family were leaving her father's funeral when a car hit them, causing a chain reaction that led to the hearse being hit and causing her father's body to be thrown out of his casket. They were all taken to the hospital, where Morgan had a panic attack, which her brother, Julian, said wasn't her first of the day. She was given oxygen and her heart and lungs were checked, but she was healthy.

While they were waiting at the hospital, they learned that their estranged sister, Kara, was at the hospital as well and was the driver who hit them. The two siblings firmly blamed her for their problems. Their mother, Georgia, went and sat with her father's body, which had been brought to the hospital along with the injured. She then had a heart attack. The doctors tried to resuscitate, but she was pronounced dead. In their grief, the family decided to have a makeshift funeral, each taking time to sit and talk to Georgia. While Morgan was in the room, she suddenly called out that Georgia had squeezed her hand. The doctors dismissed it as a residual reflex, but then Georgia suddenly sat up in the bed. After some tests, the proclaimed Georgia healthy despite having been pronounced dead. Morgan and Julian then decided to go visit Kara and her newborn son and start to mend fences.



She seems to get along well with her brother, Julian, and her mother. However, she was estranged from her sister, Kara, for many years prior to their father's funeral. After their mother died and then unexpectedly came back, Morgan and Julian reached out to try to mend fences.


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