Mr. Verma is the father of Nicole Verma.


Mr. Verma's daughter, Nicole, was paralyzed from the waist down. She was admitted to the hospital when she had spasms that caused her legs to jerk involuntarily and she needed a procedure to control the pain. During the consult, Derek asked if she'd considered a cystoplasty, which would enlarge her bladder and create a stoma, negating the need for a catheter and giving her more independence. Her mother was reluctant and said she didn't need it.

Because Nicole was 18, under the guise of getting more tests, Derek had Alex take Nicole on a walk without her parents. He talked to her while they were walking and she eventually decided she wanted the surgery even though her mother didn't want it.



He is married to Elaine Verma. They have one child together.


He and his wife are very protective of their only child, Nicole. However, he was more willing to loosen the reins than his wife.