Mrs. Banks came into the hospital after the roof at the restaurant where she was eating collapsed.


Mrs. Banks started coming to Grandinetti's as a single woman. She had a game with the waiter, Emile Flores, in which she would try anything they served. When she went through the whole menu, he challenged the chefs to come up with something new. She eventually brought her future husband there for their first date and they were eating there when he proposed to her.

Valentine's DayEdit

Mrs. Banks was eating at Grandinetti's with her husband on Valentine's Day when the roof collapsed. She was taken to the ER, where her injuries were evaluated. She had a chest tube placed for a pneumothorax.

She was placed in a bed next to Emile Flores at his request. When he believed she was sleeping, he confessed that he'd fallen in love with her over the time she'd been eating there. Because she was actually awake, she heard the whole thing.

Just as she was going to say something to Emile, she had trouble breathing. She was taken to bronchoscopy to repair an tracheobronchial tear.

After her surgery, she was told her husband was still in surgery. Emile was also in surgery by then. Mrs. Banks said that she knew that Emile was in love with her, but he never said anything and then she met Bob. They kept going to Grandinetti's because Bob liked it and she loved Bob. She made a choice when she stayed with Bob and it was the right choice. She was later told her husband would be okay. When she heard that Emile had died, she cried.



She is married to Bob Banks. They ate at Grandinetti's every Friday night for 15 years and sometimes also ate there on Tuesdays. They'd had their first date at Grandinetti's and when he proposed, Emile placed the ring in her crème brûlée. He then watched as he started to order for her, the same thing every time, and their conversations grew shorter. She later said that he ordered for her because he knows what she likes and they don't talk much because sometimes, it's nice not to have to say anything.


Emile Flores served her at Grandinetti's for more than 15 years. He was in love with her, but he never said anything, so when she met Bob, she started dating and later married him. When she heard that Emile had died, she cried.

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