Mrs. Taylor owned the house Cooper wanted to buy for his family.


Mrs. Taylor was selling a house. When Cooper and the Meyers put in the same offer, she asked to meet both of them in order to decide who would get the house. She wanted the family that lived there next to cherish the house like hers had. While she was talking to Cooper and Mason about the house, Dan and Darlene Meyer, the competing offer, came in. They were early because they'd gotten called to serve food at the mission later and didn't want to miss the chance to get the house. They brought pie for Mrs. Taylor with them. Mrs. Taylor had heard of their work with the children's hospital fundraising.

They all sat down together and talked until Cooper got a phone call that Charlotte was going to give birth. Before he left, Cooper made one final play to get the house, saying his wife was in labor with triplets and he needed to leave, but family was everything and they'd be fine wherever they lived as long as they were together.

Cooper later got a text saying Mrs. Taylor had chosen them to buy the house.



She is married to Walter Taylor. They like to go to the children's hospital and visit with the kids.

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