Ms. Baner is the mother of Frankie Baner.


Her son, Frankie, had had a stroke due to a disorder that made his blood clot more readily than normal. He was in the hospital to have an AVM embolization when the computers were hacked and blocked access to Frankie's medical records. This left them unsure of if he got the vitamin K to reverse his anti-coagulants. When Frankie developed a headache, they ran a CT, but it didn't show anything, though it was likely it was too early to see anything. As he worsened, Jo raced around the hospital, trying to track down the nurses who had worked on Frankie to see whether he'd gotten the vitamin K or not. Meanwhile, Alex and Amelia continued monitoring him and decided based on his medical history to give him the heparin, just as Jo learned that he hadn't gotten his vitamin K, so heparin would kill him. ("Out of Nowhere")

After he was given the heparin, Frankie got worse instead of better, tipping them off that it had been the wrong choice. They took him for an angio, which showed a bleed. They took him into surgery to place a shunt and they were able to stop the bleeding. He was stable and awake afterward. ("1-800-799-7233")



Her son has a blood disorder that causes his blood to clot abnormally.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She had a crush on Alex.




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