Ms. Henry is a nurse at Roseridge Home for Extended Care.


Family DinnerEdit

Ms. Henry called to invite Meredith to their monthly family dinner, informing Meredith that she hadn't been to any of them and the residents respond very well to them. When Meredith couldn't make it to the dinner, she told Meredith that her mother had asked about her. ("Who's Zoomin' Who?")

Meredith VisitingEdit

When Meredith had a morning off, she came to visit her mother and Ms. Henry informed her that she was in the sitting room and visitors really cheer her up. Meredith was surprised to see Derek visiting Ellis. ("Begin the Begin")

Ellis's Lucid DayEdit

When Ellis woke up one morning completely lucid, Ms. Henry called Meredith to Roseridge Home for Extended Care to tell her about it. She told Meredith she remembered everything except the last five years and the fact that she had Alzheimer's. She thought it would be best if that news came from Meredith. ("Wishin' and Hopin'")


Ms. Henry is a nurse at Roseridge Home for Extended Care. Ellis Grey was a patient of hers.




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