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The Mt. Baker Fire is a fire that ravaged on Mt. Baker, injuring many.


While driving to work, Amelia noticed white particles that looked like snow falling from the sky, despite it being 60°. When they got to the hospital, a report came in about a fire on Mt. Baker. Bailey said she wanted all the patients from the fire sent to Grey Sloan and looked for the protocol to help her prepare for the incoming. Richard advised her that she needed to take it as it came and the protocol wouldn't help her.

They set up triage and Jackson prepared everyone for treating burns.

John Finch was among the first firefighters to arrive. He had smoke inhalation and a metal rod impaled in his chest. He had lost his footing and fallen into a ravine, where he was impaled. Meredith and Penny were tending to him when Nathan came in and shocked them by pulling out the rod in the ER to see if his pericardium was ruptured. He was taken into surgery from there, where Nathan patched the hole in his pericardium. He was expected to make a full recovery.

When they ran out of rooms to treat patients, they converted the cafeteria into triage.

Casey came in with serious burns to his chest. He claimed he was fine as he'd been through many fires before. However, when Bailey examined him, she found she could see his lung from the outside. There were no ORs available, so he was moved to the burn unit. His lung was partially-collapsed and he had smoke inhalation, which made it hard to breathe. This put strain on his body, causing heart failure. His wife arrived and they both knew it was the end, so the doctors gave only palliative care as he died.

In the converted cafeteria, Arizona treated Charlotte, whose bottom was burned in the fire. She used the other cheek for symmetry as she worked.

Callie, Jackson, and Ben treated a patient with a humerus fracture and burns on the hand and forearm. In order to treat both at the same time, Ben suggested sewing the patient's hand into his abdomen, which would provide grafting for the burn and a sling for the fracture.

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Notes and Trivia[]

  • They saw 44 patients, 19 of whom were critical, and Casey was the only one to die.
  • This was the first major trauma after Bailey became Chief of Surgery.


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