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Wash your hands. Wear a mask. Stay six feet apart at all times. Work from home. Only leave the house for essential services. And at times, we even need you to isolate from the people you love. We have press pause on everything that makes us feel like we belong. Sadly, quarantine looks a lot like surgical internship. No joy if you want to survive. They say following the rules saves lives. But what happens when life suddenly changes the game entirely? What happens when you find yourself walking on totally new ground? I wish I knew.

My Happy Ending is the third episode of the seventeenth season and the 366th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short Summary[]

The Grey Sloan doctors continue to face their new COVID-19 reality and deal with a familiar and stubborn patient. Koracick is put in charge of the interns who recently joined the hospital ranks and Link operates on a sex therapist. Elsewhere, Maggie finds comfort in Winston's virtual presence.

Full Summary[]

Bailey goes through all the safety steps at the beginning of her day. A camera crew starts recording Richard in the lobby for all Grey Sloan employees.

Jackson and Owen are watching his message in the attendings' lounge. Tom comments it's a better performance than his last time. Owen throws him out, citing COVID protocols. Richard announces that there are enough tests available for all hospital personnel.

Amelia is watching in her bedroom. Testing is mandatory.

Levi and Jo are watching on gurneys in the hallway. Richard announces that residents are now only allowed to treat confirmed non-COVID cases.

Speaking of residents, he introduces the new class of interns, who agreed to start early to help out. Bailey proudly watches as Richard finishes.

Teddy meets Andrew and Mabel in the COVID ward. Their next patient tested positive for COVID four days ago. Her 02 is 92% on 6 liters of O2. Teddy asks Mabel about how the patient is feeling. "Why don't you ask me yourself?" Meredith yells from her room. Teddy enters the room. Meredith feels fine. She wants to be released with supplemental oxygen and quarantine at a hotel so someone who needs it can get her room. According to the tracker, they are almost at capacity. Teddy didn't want her to have a tablet but Meredith used her connections. Meredith asks Andrew who's on her service, but he only tells her it's handled.

Maggie calls time of death on Mrs. Lewis. A nurse offers to call her daughter but Maggie will do it as she has gotten to know her well over the weeks. Cormac checks if Maggie is okay. She just lost her seventh patient of the week. Cormac came to help out since it's quiet on the peds floor. He asks about Meredith. Maggie says she's bossing everyone around. He takes comfort in knowing at least some things are normal.

Andrew pleads with Teddy not to send Meredith to a hotel. Maggie comes up and Teddy informs her of Meredith's request. Teddy says that her request complies with the protocol. Andrew thinks they should break the protocol for her like she always does. As Maggie and Andrew pass by the room, they find her bed empty. They rush in and find her unconscious on the floor. They get her back in the bed.

Meredith finds herself on the beach again with Derek calling for her and waving at her in the distance. She starts walking towards him.

Meredith wakes up in her bed with Maggie and Andrew fussing over her. Meredith tried taking a few steps as she wanted to go to the beach. Andrew announces that they are doing another chest CT on her.

Jo walks out of the ER to soak up some sunlight. Link arrives for a hand trauma. Jo has been covering Meredith's service. Link says Amelia told him to come in. Jo points out a stain on his vest and comments it's weird that he is a dad now. Levi comes to fetch Jo for a consult on abdominal pain, since the COVID test result is still pending.

Andrew, Teddy, and Maggie are waiting for Meredith's test results. He thinks they should have taken this scan hours ago and started a new treatment regimen. He states some of his patients in the ICU are doing well under said protocol and mentions studies he has read. Teddy and Maggie point out no studies are credible yet at this point in time. Teddy doesn't feel comfortable making Meredith a guinea pig. Meredith flashes to the beach as she lies still for the scan.

Jo introduces herself to Val Ashton, who has been having abdominal pain and throwing up for two weeks. Val is sure it is not COVID as she hasn't seen anyone or touched anything out of her home. The labs confirm this, but they also say that she is pregnant. Jo congratulates her but Val doesn't appear happy.

Jackson, Link and Taryn enter Manoj's room. He is talking to his clients on his computer. They are about to have a major breakthrough. Taryn presents the case while Link examines his hand. A sandblaster fell on his hand. His therapy practice has boomed since the pandemic so he could afford some improvements to his home office. Manoj asks how long his hand is going to be out of commission as he does a lot of demonstrations for his work. Just as Link question this, they hear his clients moaning. Manoj is a sex therapist. Touch and pleasure are important ways of communication, even more so during this pandemic that is destroying human connection. Jackson says they need a CT to determine if he needs surgery. The surgeons clear the room so he can get back to work.

As they wait in line to get tested, Owen thanks Richard for having set up drive-through testing. He had been asking Tom for weeks. Bailey has a list of things she's been asking for, too. Richard asks her to e-mail it to him. She's surprised he prefers e-mail now. He states things have changed since he was Chief last time. She reminds him she is still Chief. Bailey asks what happened to Tom. Richard has a plan.

Tom introduces himself to the new class of residents and hands out assignment. He assigns Reza Khan to scut, even though he was a vascular surgeon in Pakistan. He has to repeat his training. Among the interns are also Alma Ortiz and Sara Ortiz, who are mother and daughter. Tom suggests they use nicknames since two interns with the same name will get confusing. He instructs the interns to craft name tags and to find someone else if they have any more questions.

Maggie shows Meredith her scan, which shows the typical ground-glass opacities. She thinks she should try triple antiviral therapy and shows Maggie an article she found. Maggie hates that Meredith got her hands on a tablet. Maggie says she'll talk it over with Teddy.

In the stairwell, Maggie checks if Teddy is good. She has respected the boundaries and taken on the role of family member. But now that Meredith's lungs look like this, showing the point of damage at which patients can suddenly slip away, Maggie needs to know that Teddy won't let her personal problems interfere. Teddy swears that she's got this. Maggie wants DeLuca on the team as he's seen more cases than anyone.

As Carina performs an ultrasound, Val says she and her husband tried to get pregnant for years with six rounds of IVF. It didn't work out and they ended up hating each other, so they split. She had a drunken one-night stand with this weirdo who rented their back house for a couple of weeks. Carina says she is not pregnant as there is no baby. The elevated Beta-HCG in her labs would then indicate other things, like a tumor. Jo orders a scan.

Link catches up with Jackson. Manoj has a displaced fracture of the hook of the hamate. The scans reminded Jackson of fractures in patients that use a look of vibrating power tools. Link is happy to scrub in as this place feels like a vacation compared to being at home with four kids. Jackson admits he is jealous. Harriet spends more time with April because she takes on less COVID shifts. Taryn reads from her phone that their patient is famous in the Pacific North-West. He saves marriages. She is then shocked to read that he can get women to reach 37 orgasms an hour.

Karen is annoyed with intern Chee, who struggles to finish her progress notes and summaries. Tom takes over and shows him what he is doing wrong. Chee thought all the patients were going home but they are actually discharged to the morgue, or rather the giant popsicle truck in the parking lot. Chee is shocked at how many people have died.

Bailey asks Jo to keep covering Meredith's service. She's hoping to lure Richard back to the OR once he's gotten used to his new title. The scans then come up. The baby is attached to Val's liver. Bailey kicks Levi off the case to take his place. She feels better.

Meredith wakes up to a video chat with Amelia. They were showing Ellis how she was sleeping. Sitting by her side, Maggie brings up Meredith's healthcare directive. Meredith knows what it says. Maggie suggests she reconsider but Meredith ignores her as she is ready to talk to Ellis.

Back on the beach, Meredith tries to reach Derek, but she somehow always ends up at the same distance away from him. He yells that she is worried about the kids and that the sand isn't real. She yells that she misses him. He knows.

Teddy finds Owen in the screening tent. He says things are running smoothly thanks to Richard. She talked to the kids this morning and they seemed okay. He inquires about Meredith. He leaves to drop off supplies. He points out Ortiz is wearing her PPE incorrectly and has Mabel show her how to correctly done and doff PPE, which someone should have showed her first thing this morning. While waiting in line, Tom overhears him yelling.

Carina and Jo inform Val that she is at about 26 weeks. The baby is alive against all odds. Val says her husband made her feel like crap for 8 years. He would blame her for every failed attempt at IVF. She got knocked up after a one-night stand so clearly it was his fault. Carina checks if Val wants this baby. She does. Jo says they need to deliver today then because the placental growth can cause the liver to bleed at any moment. Val is delighted to her that she is having a girl, who shall be named Luna. She decided on that name as a young girl. She consents to the surgery.

Bailey enters Meredith's room to talk about her POA. She knows what Alex means to her but he is across the country. If this gets worse, he will need to make rough decisions over the phone. She needs to pick someone local. Meredith says Amelia is indecisive and Maggie has a hard time letting loved ones go. Alex will pull the plug if Meredith needs him to. Meredith wants to talk about something else. Bailey tells her about the abdominal pregnancy.

During the surgery, Taryn says people do need sex right now. It's therapeutic. Link likens his house to LA X on Thanksgiving day with delayed flights. Jackson finds that the artery is thrombosed so he'll need to harvest a vein to place a graft. Link is up for it. He dreads the night at Meredith's house like a medieval villager.

Tom runs into Mama Ortiz and asks why she is doing discharges instead of Jensen. Jensen quit, as did Stuart. Tom questions why she hasn't discharged Mrs. Cooley. Alma decided not to because her chart is a mess and handoff communication is non-existent. She is supposed to be discharged to Hillridge, where they have 17 new COVID cases after 19 deaths. She would love to discuss this with dr. Grey. Alma worked as a social worker during N1H1 so she knows people deserve better than this.

Cormac joins Bailey, Carina and Jo in the OR. They have exposed the liver. They are taking the baby out and leaving the placenta intact to prevent Val from bleeding out. Carina delivers the baby, who is not moving. She and Cormac take the baby and he intubates her. They then rush her upstairs to the NICU. Meanwhile, Val's liver has started to bleed. Jo thinks they should resect the right lobe. Bailey objects as it could lead to liver failure. Jo then suggests dialysis and a transplant, but Bailey says transplants are difficult in these times. Bailey wants to think of something else but Jo stands up for herself.

Meredith is awoken from her beach dream again by Cormac video calling her. He is standing outside her room. He tells her about liver baby. He brings her search for a POA. She explains everyone around here is family. He advises her to write down what she wants and then choose someone who will defend her choices. She asks if he did that for his wife. He knew better than that. Her sister was that person for her. Meredith admits she's afraid of not waking up if she falls asleep. Cormac says everyone is scared of her. She fight to death about the stupidest things. He's sure this virus has got nothing on her.

Link, Jackson and Taryn inform Manoj that his surgery went well. The feeling in his hand will return over the next few months. They'll set him up with a occupational therapist to exercise his hand. He says he has an exercise routine for his hand, which takes 5 hours a week. Manoj shares his secret with them: he asks his clients what they want and he listens.

Tom enters Richard's office and tells him his plan worked. He is no teacher. Half the group of interns quit and the other half don't know what they are doing. He has no idea how to show them. Teaching like Richard does is a gift. Richard recalls Amelia called him her best teacher. Tom says he doesn't teach kids how to walk through a pandemic. Richard can do that, though.

Link comes home and takes off his clothes in the backyard. He basically showered in sanitizer but better safe than sorry. He talks about his patient's occupation and the 37 times. Amelia starts crying. Meredith is sick and her kids want to hear that she'll be fine, but Amelia wonders who will tell her and Link that. She doesn't recognize herself anymore. She can't help during this crisis and she can't turn her brain off with a glass of wine. Link asks her what she wants. She wants sex but he doesn't feel comfortable doing that after having been at the hospital. She says they can do that six feet apart. She takes off her robe and bra.

Teddy finds Tom in the lounge. She wants to buy him coffee. The past few months haven't been easy. Tom wants her to leave him alone. She broke him again and he still loves her, so he needs to get over her. He has had enough misery for a lifetime. Owen then comes in to inform him that he tested positive for COVID-19, which means he has to spend 14 days in quarantine.

Maggie finds a dark supply closet to unwind. Winston calls her. He notices that she is upset. She's not sure how long she can keep doing this. She has lost 53 people on her watch, most of whom were black women. Winston says that is happening everywhere. Maggie talks about Rosalie Lewis, who thanked her for everything she did. The way she talked to her daughter reminded Maggie of her own mother. She never thought being able to hold your dying mother's hand would be a privilege. Rosalie deserved to a better death. Maggie is also scared for Meredith.

Jo is talking to Luna. Bailey comes up and tells Jo that her work has not gone unnoticed. She thanks Jo. Jo says Meredith has to be okay. Bailey nods.

Meredith has decided to give Richard the POA. He's known her her whole life and he is the only one she trusts to pull the plug when her brain is gone. She doesn't want to be put on a vent since there is a shortage. Richard says she might need it. She says they're not there yet. Her kids need her. Richard says they all do. He meets Bailey outside the room. Bailey says they are ready for him.

Richard shows the interns to the empty OR but he doesn't give them his usual speech. He knows this is not what they dreamed of when they decided to go to med school. He wants to be cutting people open, too, and holding his patient's hand, skin-to-skin.

Jo continues to spend time with Luna.

Maggie silently cries in the supply closet. Richard tells the interns that he wants to meet his patient's loved ones.

Richard wants to be in the before, but that is gone. They are in the now. And people are looking at them to guide them through this crisis. Richard will teach the interns the jobs that need to get done. He will make sure they learn as much as possible. They'll get through this together.

Having looked at her most recent labs, Andrew and Bailey are worried outside Meredith's room. Meredith has fallen asleep.

She finds herself on the beach again. As she starts walking towards Derek yet again, she suggests he do the same. He says it wouldn't make a difference, because the sand isn't real. She decides to run but ends up tripping and falling onto the wet sand. Derek can't help but laugh. She hates him for that. He knows she loves him. He'll be right here for when she's ready.


Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]


Medical Notes[]

Meredith Grey[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Covid-19
  • Treatment:
    • Respiratory support

Meredith had been admitted to the hospital for respiratory support four days prior after a positive test for Covid-19. She had supplemental oxygen through a cannula and her oxygen was at 92%. She insisted she felt fine enough to be discharged with supplemental oxygen, to free up the bed for someone else. She also insisted on them following protocol for her and treating her like any other patient. She passed out on the floor trying to walk a few steps, so they took her for a chest CT. Andrew wanted to start her on an experimental protocol, but Teddy refused, saying she wanted better than that for Meredith. The CT showed ground glass opacities. Meredith wanted to start an experimental protocol, believing she could handle the side effects.

Rosalie Lewis[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Covid-19
  • Treatment:

Rosalie Lewis was pronounced dead of Covid-19 at 8:12, the seventh patient Maggie had lost that week.

Manoj Joshi[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Displaced fracture of the hook of the hamate
  • Treatment:
    • Surgical repair

Manoj's hand was injured when a sandblaster fell on it. He had pain, swelling, and numbness. His x-ray showed no breaks, but he had delayed capillary refill. They ordered a CT of his hand, which showed a displaced fracture of the hook of the hamate. They scheduled him for surgery, where they removed the bone fragment and a blood clot. He was told he'd get feeling back in his hand, but not immediately. He was also told he'd need occupational therapy.

Val Ashton[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Abdominal pregnancy
  • Treatment:
    • C-section delivery

Val had had abdominal pain and vomiting for two weeks. Jo said her labs had already come back and she didn't have Covid, but she was pregnant. Val was shocked to hear the news. Carina did an ultrasound and found no fetus in her uterus, so Jo started looking for other possible causes for the positive pregnancy test. They did a CT, which showed that she had a 26- week fetus growing on her liver. Carina asked Val if she wanted to keep the baby. When Val said she did, they told her she needed to have a c-section right away, because she was at risk for catastrophic bleeding if they waited. After her baby was delivered, Jo and Bailey decided to resect the right lobe of her liver to stop the bleeding, even though it put her at risk for liver failure. After surgery, she was stable.

Luna Ashton[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Prematurity
  • Treatment:
    • Intubation
    • NICU Care

Luna was born at 26 weeks gestation after gestating attached to her mother's liver. After her birth, she wasn't moving, so Carina and Cormac intubated her. They then transferred her to an incubator and took her upstairs, where she was stable.

Tom Koracick[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Covid-19
  • Doctors:
  • Treatment:

Owen informed Tom that he had tested positive for the coronavirus and was required to quarantine for 14 days.


Song Performer Scene
"No Gravity" Hannah Scott
  • Richard records a message for the hospital employees.
  • The other doctors watch it.
  • The new class of interns arrive, reading to start early.
"Take Me In" The War and Treaty
  • Meredith sees Derek on the beach again.
"Never Break" John Legend
  • Koracick tells Richard he can't be residency director.
  • Amelia talks to Link as he changes in the backyard.
  • Amelia starts crying because she can't tell the kids when everything will be fine.
  • They start a distanced encounter.
"Where the Shadow Ends (Acoustic)" BANNERS
  • Jo and Bailey talk about Meredith.
  • Meredith makes Richard her POA and they discuss what she wants.
  • Richard takes the new interns into an OR for their speech, modified for the pandemic.
  • Meredith is back on the beach with Derek. She runs toward him and trips.

Notes and Trivia[]


Grey's Anatomy 17x03 Promo "My Happy Ending" (HD) Season 17 Episode 3 Promo ft. Patrick Dempsey

  • This episode's title originated from the song My Happy Ending, originally sung by Avril Lavigne.
  • This episode scored 5.99 million viewers.
  • While visually a parallel to previous occasions, Richard's introduction speech to the new interns deviates from the regular speech that is known by heart by most of the hospital staff, attesting to the heavy impact COVID-19 has on the healthcare system.
  • Jo introduces herself to Val as "Dr. Wilson", indicating that she has decided to go back to using her original last name from when she first arrived at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, despite her previous reservations about doing so.
  • In response to fans making fun of Meredith's fall on the beach, Ellen Pompeo dubbed it "#theyeet2020."


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