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When you sign a medical directive or consent to surgery, there's an important question we ask. In the event of a possible fatal complication, do you want us to use extraordinary measures to prolongue your life? If your heart stops, do you want us to begin CPR? Do you want to be violently shocked with 360 joules of electricity? Do you agree to multiple injections of adrenaline into your veins or a tube down your throat? How far will you go to stay alive? Extraordinary measures can have a cost. You may be alive, but life may not be the same as you remember. Your body may not move as easily. Feelings may be gone. And it can take a long time to recover. There's a reason it's a difficult decision. You just have to decide if it's all worth it.

My Shot is the eighth episode of the sixteenth season and the 350th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short Summary[]

Meredith faces the medical board as her future as a doctor remains uncertain, and she's forced to reckon with her past in some challenging ways. Meanwhile, the interns are put to the test as they are each vying to be the most successful on their respective cases in the absence of some of the attendings.

Full Summary[]

Meredith, Alex, Amelia, Maggie, and Andrew pull up at a hotel for Meredith's hearing. They watch as Nancy welcomes Owen, Teddy, and Richard at the entrance. Nancy spots Meredith.

Inside, Jackson addresses Richard and asks when he arrived back in town. Richard landed last night. He apologizes for not reaching out but his family wasn't ready for him or Catherine to come to Sabrina's funeral. Jackson is surprised to hear his mother didn't come either. Owen and Teddy are arguing about sleep training. Teddy is suffering from cumulative sleep deprivation. Teddy gladly accepts Link's coffee. Bailey arrives. She doesn't remember all of them asking for a day off. Richard snaps that it's her fault that they needed to. Meredith and her carpoolers come in. The entire group stands there awkwardly.

In the residency lounge, Taryn is confident that Meredith will get to keep her license. The residents have some twisted versions of stories they heard about Meredith but Taryn knows what really went down. Blake points out they're all crimes. Levi, dressed in a suit, comes in. He forgot his tie. Nico helps him to put on his lucky tie. Jo comes in to announce that most of the attendings are out for the hearing, which means they have to cover for them. They can call her if it's urgent.

Everyone enters the room for the hearing. Nancy begs Meredith to sit still and be quiet for once. If not, it could cost her her future. Ashley Cordova, the prosecuting attorney, is vicious in her questioning. Meredith promises to keep quiet. The judge introduces himself and suggests they proceed since there are quite a few witnesses. The introduces the attorneys and the commission panel. Paul Castello comes in late. Meredith remembers him and asks Nancy if they can switch out a doctor on the panel. Nancy says they don't. Meredith points out Paul killed her husband.

While the judge explains the proceedings, Meredith informs Nancy about the role Paul played in Derek's death. It doesn't seem like Paul remembers her, which is enraging. They can file an appeal but it might take six months for the meeting to be rescheduled. Meredith decides to keep going. The hearing starts.

Nancy is questioning Bailey. She tries to get Bailey to admit that the two of them being close but Bailey denies. Nancy points out Meredith must be skilled, organized, and dedicated for her to be made Head of General Surgery under Bailey's tenure. Bailey says she was back then but points out she no longer holds that position. Ashley has a list of incidents involving Meredith that were reported by Bailey: cutting Denny's L-VAD wire, her and Cristina operating on Sadie's appendix, Lexie Grey removing a tumor under Meredith's guidance without approval from Derek, and Meredith's refusing to let Eliza Minnick into her OR. Bailey confirms they are all true.

Luis Rivera tells Ashley how he ended up at the clinic at Grey Sloan and his lack of health insurance. Afterward, Nancy's questioning brings out suffering the Rivera family has had to endure. Gabby's doing well because Meredith caught the cancer early. The world needs more doctors like her.

Andrew tells Ashley he was not aware that Meredith had committed fraud. He didn't find out until Richard confronted her with it. Paul jumps in and asks Andrew about his relationship with Meredith. There's documentation from HR. Andrew wonders how it's relevant. Paul points out he failed to report the incident to a supervisor. Andrew assures the panel that the relationship is consensual. Andrew wants to get up but Ashley isn't done. She brings out documents detailing his request to be transferred after being assaulted by Alex, which includes mention of mistreatment by several attendings, including Meredith. Andrew says it's ancient history. Meredith tells Andrew it's okay.

Time goes on. Levi is being questioned by Ashley now. He's nervous. He talks about how Meredith is the best teacher he's ever had. She never partook in mean nicknames. He talks about the time Meredith made him a human blood bank for a patient. Ashley wants to know about his involvement with Gabby's case. Levi rounded on her once. He saw the name on her bracelet, which read Ellis Grey, which confused him because he heard Luis call her Gabby. He thought there was an error but Meredith wasn't there to clarify. He went to Bailey instead. He couldn't afford another mistake. He tells Meredith he's really sorry.

Jo arrives as a distraught Levi storms out of the room. There's a 15-minute recess. Alex and Richard inform the other surgeons of what went down in there. Meredith left to get some air.

Meredith and Andrew are sitting on a bench outside. This may be her last day of being a doctor. She says the two of them won't make it if she can't cut while he can.

The hearing has resumed. Owen confirms that Meredith is even better than people say she is. He talks about how Meredith saved Megan with her award-winning surgery. Ashley has a post-op report from Bailey after the first surgery on Megan that Meredith botched. It mentions Owen doubting her approach, which would have left Megan with no other options had it failed.

Ashley asks Richard if he's seen Meredith partake in groundbreaking work. He has. She brings up the Alzheimer's trial. Richard admits someone tampered with it. He's forced to say his late wife was selected for the placebo, so he changed the envelope. Ashley asks Richard if he was the only one involved. Richard says he was. Bailey rolls her eyes. Ashley points out a pattern of his bending the rules for Meredith.

Next up is Patricia Murphy. Aside from being Richard's assistant, she was also the contact person for the National Residency Matching Program. She was the first to see which residents had matched. Ashley hands her the list of Meredith's intern year. Meredith didn't match to Seattle Grace at first. Richard had her set up a call with the president of the NRMP and next thing she knew, she was adding Meredith to the list.

Alex testifies about his and Meredith's growing up together. She makes him a better surgeon and person. Alex dismisses the prosecution's attempted pattern of Meredith being harsh by saying he always agrees with her reasons. Ashley brings up Zola and asks why the adoption was held up. Meredith remembers her kidnapping Zola. Alex claims delays happen all the time. Ashley wonders if it had anything to do with Meredith's briefly being fired. Alex hesitates. Paul asks if Meredith's insubordinate behavior almost cost her her daughter. Alex doesn't see how her family life is relevant. Paul points out Meredith is cavalier about the law in her personal and professional life. In fact, she used Ellis's name to commit fraud. Meredith stands up and lists the names of spouses of patients she lost. She remembers them. Paul has no right to mention her daughter's name because he was the one who killed her father. He doesn't remember her, but she remembers him. She remembers being the coward who stood over her dying husband, the love of her life, and he didn't even attempt to do burr holes after he failed to get him a head CT. She says she was doing burr holes as an intern. That one night should have cost him his entire career. After that, she says that he doesn't deserve to judge her or anyone. Paul wants a recess to evaluate the conflict of interest. Meredith yells that Paul is dangerous and that her medical license should not be in his hands. As Nancy takes her back to her seat, Paul suffers a seizure.

The doctors rush to his aid. Soon, paramedics arrive. Meredith briefs them. She tells them to take him to Grey Sloan to get him the very best care. They can't forget the head CT.

Teddy and Link drive up behind the ambulance. Amelia gets off the rig and says the seizure stopped after multiple doses of diazepam. They rush him inside for a head CT. Teddy and Link came so Amelia wouldn't have to deal with it herself.

Meredith overlooks the city from a spot at the water.

A drunk Maggie's explaining Sabrina's death to a disinterested bartender at the hotel. Jackson enters and sits down with her. He wanted to check in on her. He informs her about Paul and his seizure. Maggie is still beating herself up over Sabi's death. Catherine told Jackson. Maggie thinks Richard won't ever speak to her again and she can't blame him. Jackson decides to take Maggie home so she can continue drinking there.

Richard joins Bailey on a bench outside. She says he lied in there. He fires back that she answered those questions like she barely knew Meredith. She knows Meredith will put everything at risk to suit her needs. Richard says Meredith is not selfish. Bailey remembers he voluntarily put his career in jeopardy to save her ass instead of reasoning with her and stopping her from doing illegal things as a mentor would. Richard says that was his decision and therefore his business. Richard cheated the system to get Meredith in her program. Richard says it was his program and he only wrote a recommendation. Bailey insists he went around the system, no matter the consequences, and he's been doing it for Meredith ever since no matter the consequences. He always chooses her. Richard says he's been getting enough jealousy from his wife.

Tom finds Amelia, Link, and Teddy studying Paul's scans. Amelia asks him to operate but he refuses because this is an almost guaranteed bad outcome. Amelia informs him of his killing Derek. Tom concedes to do the craniotomy.

Tom is evacuating the hematoma. Link sits down in the gallery with Amelia. Teddy leaves.

Richard admits he has given Meredith special treatment due to his history with Ellis. Meredith is family and she is a brilliant surgeon, so sometimes his putting his career in jeopardy for her is just what family does. Bailey is glad to see how she fits in now. Because of his and Meredith's actions, Tom is her boss now. They should have come to her. Richard says Catherine would have fired her, too. Bailey says she made Tom her boss. She lost more than her job. She lost her hospital, her best surgeons, and her best friends. Someone she raised betrayed her. Richard knows the feeling. He stuck his neck out for Meredith because he knew she would do the same for him. Until recently, he thought Bailey would, too.

The judge announces that the hearing will be postponed. Alex objects, saying there are people who came to speak for Meredith. The judge is confused. Jo and Owen open the doors for an entire group consisting of fellow doctors and patients whom Meredith saved. Gabby runs up to Meredith to hug her.

Ray Sutera talks about Meredith climbing into his crashed ambulance to save his life. Shirley Gregory talks about Meredith's pioneering surgery that saved her life while she had prepared to die. Robin says Meredith diagnosed her tumor and arranged for her treatment to be done pro bono. Katie Bryce says she was Meredith's first patient but nevertheless, Meredith figured out what was wrong with her, giving her a chance at life.

Tom has evacuated the hemorrhage against all odds. Link offers to take Amelia somewhere but she wants to stay. She has dreamt about this day, about the world being just and Paul experiencing a fraction of the pain that he caused when his arrogance took away Derek from her, Meredith, the kids, and her mother. She dreamt about jamming a scalpel into his motor cortex so he would lay paralyzed in bed for the rest of his life, thinking about the hurt he caused. Link agrees to stay but far away from the scalpels. Out of nowhere, things go south in the OR.

Alex reads a letter of support from Cristina, which states that taking Meredith's license is signing death certificates of countless future patients and that Meredith is a light in a broken system. She is unstoppable. Jo hands him more letters from Arizona, Callie, April, and Addison. The judge has heard enough.

Tom says there's a rebleed. He struggles to get control. Paul goes into V-fib.

The judge thanks all the patients for their time. He asks them to clear the room but Bailey has something more to say. Ever since she first met Meredith Grey, she knew Meredith would be a pain. Meredith has been breaking rules since day one. She broke a law to save a life. So, she deserved to be fired and to pick up trash. However, no one should be questioning her license. She's too good at what she does and worked too had to get to where she is. And all that she has survived, has not made her cold, hard, or not care. It made her better than anyone in this room, except Bailey herself.

Paul has passed away.

The surgeons wait in the lounge outside the conference room. Teddy, Link, and Amelia return with the news of Paul's death. Amelia can't help but smile. Nancy joins them and says the meeting is not being postponed. The panel is sending their recommendation to the medical commission. It's a majority vote and the two other doctors on the panel voted to drop the entire thing. It's over. Meredith gets to keep her license. After a brief hug, Meredith is overwhelmed with congratulations and hugs from her other friends. Both Andrew and Bailey walk away.

Everyone is heading out. Meredith thanks Bailey for what she said. Bailey will see her Monday at work. She needs Meredith there. Meredith accepts and hugs her.

Jackson and Maggie are drinking on the couch at Meredith's. Jackson asks her about Catherine and Richard. Maggie doesn't know anything. Jackson has a feeling they are having problems. Maggie thinks it can't be easy for them. Jackson receives word about Meredith's license. Maggie realizes she didn't help at all. Jackson says she helped by not testifying drunk. They laugh. He has missed her, the two of them talking about their lives. They lean in and nearly kiss until he says he can't. She makes him leave. Meredith comes in as he walks out. She watches Maggie punch the couch and asks what happened. Maggie says she hates someone she used to love. Someone knocks. Maggie asks her not to let Jackson back in as she never wants to see or speak to him again. However, it's Andrew. He wants to talk.

In the lounge after a tough day at work, Blake announces that Levi ratted out Meredith. He didn't think Levi had it in him. An ashamed Levi turns to the other residents, who cast him out. Taryn especially is hurt.

Out on her porch, Meredith apologizes to Andrew for what she said. She didn't know what she meant. She was scared. Andrew thinks she meant it. He stood up for her in court, defended her at the hospital, and went to jail for her. He did all that for her because he loves her and you do everything for your partner. He's come to realize she doesn't see him as her partner. That look in her eyes when she talked about Derek in the meeting made him realize what he's been feeling for a while. She didn't just love Derek, she respected him. Meredith says it's different. She respects Andrew, too, but Andrew knows some part of her doubts if he'll ever be on her level. He tells her to take some time to figure out what she wants and if he's a part of that. He walks off.


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Medical Notes[]

Paul Castello[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage
  • Treatment:
    • Craniotomy

Paul collapsed at the hearing and started seizing. He was rushed to the hospital, where a head CT revealed a hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage. Tom did a craniotomy, but after he repaired the bleed, Paul started bleeding again and Tom was unable to save him.


Song Performer Scene
"We'll All Be Alright" Amy Stroup, AG
  • Meredith pulls out outside and says she's not ready to go in.
  • Richard talks to Jackson about Sabi's funeral.
  • Teddy and Owen disagree about a parenting decision.
  • Bailey and Richard have a tense conversation.
"All We Have is Now" Ross Copperman
  • Maggie orders another drink.
  • Jackson talks to her and convinces her to let him take her home.
"Keep You Safe" Lindsey Ray
  • Link, Amelia, and Teddy watch as Tom operates on Paul.
  • Richard and Bailey talk about Meredith.
"Where Does the Good Go?" Sleeping at Last
  • Paul starts coding.
  • Alex reads a statement from Cristina.
  • Then he says he has statements from Callie, Arizona, April, and Addison.
  • The judge stops him.
  • Paul is hemorrhaging.
  • The judges asks for the room to be cleared, but Bailey has more to say.
  • Bailey talks about Meredith breaking rules and how she deserved to lose her job, but not her license for it.
  • Tom says Paul is gone as Amelia watches from above.
"Salt and the Sea" The Lumineers
  • Maggie kicks Jackson out as Meredith comes home.
  • Andrew comes to the door and asks to talk.
  • The residents are weary after a long day.
  • Blake says that Levi ratted Meredith out, which turns the other residents against him.
  • Meredith apologizes to Andrew for what she said.
  • He tells her to take some time to think about what she wants.

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350th Episode Celebration[]


Bailey: I don't remember all you people putting in requests for the day off.
Richard: And whose fault is it they need to?

Taryn: No one's suspending Meredith Grey's license. She won a Catherine Fox award. She's a legend.
Nico: Well, I heard she operated on a fellow resident.
Hannah: She took out a healthy appendix.
Taryn: No, she and Cristina Yang rescued an intern who removed another intern's appendix incorrectly. They were helping.
Hannah: That wasn't the other Dr. Grey, the one that died in the plane crash?
Casey: Our Dr. Grey cut a patient's LVAD wire.
Blake: See, you consider these things legendary. They're also crimes.

Nancy: If I was on your operating table, you'd want me to follow your instructions, right? Lie there. Breathe in. Fall asleep. Let you do your job. That would be my best shot at survival, right?
Meredith: I see where you're going with this.
Nancy: I'm begging you, Meredith. Sit down, don't talk. And let me do my job. Please.
Meredith: I'm not a baby.
Nancy: No. You're an adult who's completely unable to be quiet no matter how much your well-being depends on it. And today, it could cost you your entire future. The prosecuting attorney is Ashley Cordova. Getting questioned by her is like someone ripping hangnails off all 10 fingers at once. Sitting quietly and remaining respectful will go against every fiber of your being. But please. Just for today, just for the next few hours, sit still and shut up.
Meredith: Okay.
Nancy: Thank you.

Levi: I'm sorry. I've never been in a courtroom before.
Ashley: You still haven't. We're in a hotel.
Levi: Right.

Bailey: You lied to those people. You flat-out lied.
Richard: And you answered those questions like you barely know Meredith.
Bailey: No. I do know Meredith. I know she will put everything at risk to suit her needs.
Richard: Meredith is anything but selfish.
Bailey: Oh, no? She hasn't asked you to sideline your career to save her ass?
Richard: No, she has not asked me to do that.
Bailey: Right. 'Cause you just do it. Instead of reasoning with her, stopping her from doing something illegal, like a mentor would do, you just cover for her.
Richard: That's my business. My decision.
Bailey: Meredith Grey could commit murder, and you'd hide the body.
Richard: You know what? I really don't have the energy for this right now.
Bailey: You cheated the system to get Meredith into my program.
Richard: No, that was my program. And I did not cheat. I wrote a recommendation.
Bailey: You chose to go around the system to get Meredith Grey her way, no matter the consequences. And you've been doing it ever since. You choose her! You always choose her!
Richard: My God. You sound jealous. Well, I'm getting enough of that from my wife.

Richard: Look, I'm not gonna pretend that I never give Meredith special treatment. There is a history.
Bailey: Her mother.
Richard: Yes. Meredith is family. And she also happens to be one of the more brilliant surgeons that I've ever taught. So sometimes, putting my career in jeopardy for her is just what you do for family.
Bailey: Glad to know where I fit in.
Richard: That's not what I meant.
Bailey: Tom Koracick is my boss. Because of your actions. Because of Meredith's actions. Because you chose to help her instead of coming to me.
Richard: If I'd have come to you, my wife would have fired you, too!
Bailey: Did you not hear the part where I just said? Tom Koracick is my boss!
Richard: You didn't lose your job! Meredith is fighting for her license!
Bailey: No, I've lost more than my job! I've lost my hospital! I lost my best surgeons. And my best friend. All because someone I thought I raised betrayed me. Now, do you know how that feels?
Richard: It hurts pretty bad, doesn't it? That's right. I stuck my neck out for her because I know she'd do the same for me. And until recently, I thought you would, too.

Atticus: Do you want to go somewhere?
Amelia: I want to stay. I have dreamt about this day. I have dreamt that the world would be fair and just and that the man on that table might experience a fraction of the pain that he caused when his arrogance took away my favorite person in the entire world. And I thought if I saw inside that man's skull, I might jam a scalpel into his motor cortex just to paralyze him. Just so that he would have to lie in a bed for the rest of his life knowing what he took from me and Meredith and the kids, my mom.
Atticus: I think we should stay.
Amelia: Thank you.
Atticus: But up here far away from the scalpels. And, you know, I could get us some popcorn if you want.

Alex: "Dear Medical Commission, people who know me would describe me as selfish to a fault. After that, they'd say honest. I can honestly tell you that if I were dying and a surgery stood between me and death, Dr. Grey's hands are the only ones that I'd want inside my body. Taking away her license is signing the death certificates of countless future patients. She is a light in a broken system that she will fix, whether you want her to or not. She is the sun, and she is unstoppable. Sincerely, Dr. Cristina Yang."

Bailey: Hi. I'm sorry. Your Honor. I have something more to say about Meredith Grey.
Judge: For God's sakes, who doesn't?
Bailey: Okay, well, ever since I first met Meredith Grey I knew she was going to be a thorn in my side. You're worried about her breaking rules? Well, that's not gonna stop. She's been doing that since day one. And, yes, she broke a law to save a life. So she deserved to lose her job. She deserves to pick up trash. No one should be questioning her license. She's too good at what she does. And she's worked too hard to get to where she is. And with all that she has survived, it hasn't made her hard. It hasn't made her mean or or cold. It hasn't made her not care. It's made her better. It's made her better than anyone in this room. Well, except me. I'm Dr. Miranda Bailey, Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. And I approve this message.

Meredith: I'm sorry for what I said. I didn't mean that we wouldn't make it. I just... I don't know. I don't know what I meant. I was scared.
Andrew: Mer, don't. Okay? You meant it.
Meredith: No, I didn't.
Andrew: I stood up for you in court. I defended you at the hospital. I went to jail for you.
Meredith: I know, and I didn't ask you to do any of those things.
Andrew: I know. But I did it anyway because I love you. Because I'd do anything for you. Because that's what you do for your partner. But I'm not your partner, am I? The look in your eye when you spoke about Derek today made me realize what it is I've been feeling this whole time. You didn't just love Derek. You respected him.
Meredith: That's different. And you can't compare. I do respect you.
Andrew: Come on. You're telling me there's not some small part of you that doesn't wonder if I'm your equal? If I'm at your level? If I ever will be? Take some time, Meredith. Figure out what it is that you want. And Let me know if I'm a part of that.

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