Nancy Dawson is the mother of Paul Dawson and grandmother to Ethan Dawson.


Early LifeEdit

At some point in her life, Nancy was diagnosed with cataracts.

Son's AccidentEdit

After her son, daughter-in-law, and grandson were in an accident, Nancy came to the hospital to be with them and take care of her grandson while both of his parents were hospitalized. When Rachel, who had woken up, joked with the still unconscious Paul, Nancy started to cry, as she wasn't ready for her son to die before her. ("Sleeping Monster")

After Paul had been unconscious for eight days, they began to worry that he'd never wake up. While she was napping at her hotel, Ethan took an overdose of her sleeping pills and had to be rushed back to the ER. Social services came to talk to them, but noting the unusual circumstances, they didn't take Ethan into custody. Nancy began to question if they should, however, as she is older and not fit to raise an active 10 year old. ("Do You Believe in Magic")

After nine days, Nancy talked to Cristina Yang about withdrawing care. Cristina advised her that as there had been no improvement for eight days, the neurological deficits would most likely be permanent. When a clot was discovered, she consented to a surgery that could possibly kill him. The procedure worked and Paul woke up. ("Readiness is All")



She is married. Her husband is in a facility and she takes the bus to see him.


She has a son, Paul Dawson. When Paul; his wife, Rachel; and their son, Ethan were in a car accident, Nancy flew to Seattle to see them and take care of Ethan while his parents were both hospitalized. After Rachel died and it appeared that Paul might not wake up, Nancy admitted that she wasn't fit to raise Ethan on her own. However, Paul eventually did wake up. ("Readiness is All")



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