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Nancy Klein is Meredith's lawyer.


Meredith's Hearing[]

Nancy was hired to represent Meredith when she committed insurance fraud. Because Meredith was a doctor and had no prior criminal history, Nancy told her that she would end up getting sentenced to community service, which she'd serve at a free clinic and that would be the end of it. She also told Meredith it was highly unlikely the medical board would come after her medical license. However, in court, Meredith couldn't truthfully say that she regretted what she'd done, which angered the judge. He sentenced her to community service, to be served on work crew cleaning up garbage on the side of the road. ("Nothing Left to Cling To")

Meredith's Second Hearing[]

Meredith had to return to court when she skipped work crew. On the day of court, Nancy texted Meredith to remind her that she was due in court in ten minutes, but Meredith didn't go because Zola had to have brain surgery. After Zola's surgery, Nancy came to the hospital to tell Meredith that she'd have to make up the community service hours with a jail sentence. ("Breathe Again")

Meredith's Medical License[]

On the day of Meredith's hearing to see if she'd lose her medical license, Nancy talked to Meredith before the hearing started and told her to sit down, shut up, and let Nancy do her job, even though that was against her nature. During the hearing, Nancy questioned witnesses. Later, when Paul Castello started asking about Zola and the adoption, Meredith snapped and revealed who she was to him. They were all shocked when Paul started seizing and collapsed. Meredith and the others stepped in to treat him and then sent him to the hospital. They wanted to reschedule the hearing for a later date, but Alex brought in a slew of witnesses and the court heard them all speak. Alex then read a letter from Cristina and said he had others from Callie, Arizona, April, and Addison. The two remaining voters decided to let Meredith keep her license, meaning Paul's vote was irrelevant. Nancy told Meredith the good news and was glad that it was over because she said Meredith was the most exhausting client. ("My Shot")


She is a lawyer. She was hired by Meredith Grey as representation after she committed insurance fraud.



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