Naomi Evans is the estranged wife of James EvansAlex Karev's father.


James's HospitalizationEdit

After James ended up in a coma in the ICU, Alex called Naomi and told her that James had died. He asked her to come over. She booked herself a ticket and left Nicky Evans in Florida, because she felt that there was no reason to bring him. When she arrived at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, she immediately recognized Alex as being James's son. He took her to the ICU, where she discovered that Alex had lied to her as James was still alive, albeit hooked up to machines and dying. Alex told her that James would die in a few days, but Naomi didn't really care about James, still angry over how he left her and her son. She only cared about her father's guitar, which James took with him when he left. She retrieved the guitar and left.



She was married to James Evans. They where together for five years. They separated after he abandoned her and their son, but never legally divorced.


Her father left her three guitars when he died. Jimmy pawned two of them and took the third when he left her.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Naomi is Japanese.