Neal Chaplin is the medical investigator who worked on the case of Violet Turner.


When Katie sued Violet, her lawyer filed a complaint with the medical board, which they pursued even after the lawsuit was dropped. Violet went to see him to tell her side, but he made it clear that it would have no bearing and may open her up to further inquiry.

Neal interviewed Pete and Addison as part of his investigation, about their time treating Katie.

Neal and his team then came to the practice to make copies of patients' medical records, saying they had the consent of the patients involved.

Violet testified in front of the medical board about writing the book. During the testimony, Neal expressed concern about the entire practice and the way they treat doctor-patient confidentiality. He then concluded her testimony and said the board would be in touch. ("Something Old, Something New")

After their investigation was concluded, they suspended Violet's license and declared their intent to investigate the whole practice. He came back to the practice to investigate each of the other doctors one at a time. They refused to cooperate and Sam asked him to leave. ("...To Change the Things I Can")


He does investigations for the medical board.




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