Neal Hannigan got a graze wound when Petey started firing in a restaurant.


Neal and his fiancée, Deborah, were paying at the register at a restaurant when Petey came in and started shooting. Deborah was shot and the bullet went through her arm and grazed Neal, who had ducked behind her when he heard gunshots. Because of this, Deborah decided to call of their engagement.

Their wounds were irrigated and then they were taken to x-ray to find the bullets.

They were later discharged and while they leaving, Petey showed up and started shooting at the hospital. Neal once again ducked behind Deborah and she said they were done.



He was engaged to Deborah Fleiss. They had already sent out invitations to their wedding, which was six weeks away. She broke it off when he ducked behind her during a shooting. After a day in the hospital together, she decided to give him another chance only to break it off again when he ducked behind her a second time.

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