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The New Chief Selection was the choice between two candidates for Chief after Owen resigned.


When Owen decided he wasn't going to return to his duties as Chief of Surgery after his Army tour, the board needed to replace him. Richard wanted Bailey for the position and told her so. However, Catherine wanted to bring in her own candidate from the outside. They compromised that they'd each bring their candidate up for review by the board and the board would make their decision. ("You're My Home")

Catherine selected Tracy McConnell to go against Bailey. After Tracy arrived, she toured the hospital and helped save a patient while observing a surgery. Afterward, she presented her plan to the board.

Bailey was supposed to present her plan right after Tracy, but she was caught in surgery, so she instead had the board come into the OR and she made her pitch as she worked. Afterward, they voted and chose Bailey to be the new Chief. ("Sledgehammer")

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