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Nick Marsh is a world-class[1] transplant surgeon who collapsed while at Grey Sloan Memorial retrieving a liver.


Five weeks after having a kidney transplant, Nick came to Grey Sloan to retrieve a liver for a long-time patient of his. After the surgery, he collapsed in a hallway. Meredith did an exam and ran some labs and chatted with Nick while they waited for the results to come back. His labs were inconclusive, so Meredith did another ultrasound, which showed a clot in his renal vein cutting off blood flow to his new kidney. She rushed him into surgery, where she was able to remove the clot and save his kidney.[1]




While he was in the hospital, he flirted heavily with Meredith and the two chatted for hours as they waited for his lab results.[1]


After his sister, Erica, bailed, he took in his niece, Charlotte, and raised her as his own. She was sixteen at the time of his hospitalization.

His mother died when he was fifteen of heart failure while waiting for a heart transplant. That inspired him to become a transplant surgeon.

His father used to take him to the Boundary Waters between Minnesota and Canada. His dad would get a look on his face that Nick envied.[1]


His best friend donated a kidney to him.[1]


He is a world-class transplant surgeon at Mayo Clinic. During his surgical residency, he had a fondness for all the specialities, especially cardio and neuro, but he couldn't sit still and wanted to travel which transplant surgery afforded him.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • He was on dialysis for only a month before his kidney transplant.[1]
  • He was the first member of his family to go to college.[1]
  • He likes to fly.[1]
  • His plan B was to be a shoe salesman in Baltimore.[1]
  • He keeps his important documents in the third drawer of a green cabinet in his house.[1]
  • He loves Christmas socks.[1]
  • He's not good at math.[1]
  • Inconsistent with the Mayo Clinic's scrub colors, he and his transplant team wore maroon scrubs to the organ retrieval instead of dark green scrubs.
  • He loves rollercoasters.
  • He had a 71 episode gap between his first appearance as a guest star and his upgrade to series regular.


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